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Closure of the National Children's Accreditation Council – timing

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The NCAC has announced the timing for the closure of the current Child Care Quality Assurance Systems.

From 1st January 2011 Accredited and new services will no longer be required to submit a Self-Study Report to NCAC. From 1 April 2011 Not Accredited services will no longer be required to submit a Self-study report to NCAC. Services will next submit under the National Quality Framework.

In the interim NCAC has advised services to continue to operate, where applicable, within the existing state regulation and use the standards outlined in the relevant Quality Practices Guide to support and focus on their quality practices.

All services will retain their final Accreditation status from the current CCQA systems and are expected to display their accreditation Certificate and/or Quality Profile Certificate.

Services who are currently participating in the CCQA systems will be advised of these changes through the NCAC website and future editions of Putting Children First. Services who are no longer required to submit a Self-study Report will receive a letter from NCAC soon.

Questions can be directed to NCAC on 8260 1900.

Community Child Care has received calls from services who  have checked their accreditation status on the NCAC website and have seen that their next submission is due under the National Quality Framework.

Some services are interpreting this to mean that if their self study report was due in 2012 they will still have to do it by this date but under the new system. As stated above NCAC have announced that services who are currently Accredited and due for accreditation after 1 January 2011 you will not be required to submit a self study report to NCAC. You will next be rated against the National Quality Standard (NQS) under the National Quality Framework (NQF) at some stage from 2012 onwards.
Community Services has advised it is yet to determine the order it will assess services but has acknowledged that it may take over three years to assess everyone under the new system.

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