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Choosing the right spot

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The location of your veggie patch is important for its success. There are a few things I would encourage you to consider;

Sunshine – don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need full sun all day to grow vegetables successfully, but try and find a patch that gets at least 2 – 4 hours per day. This will be enough to grow root vegetables such as beetroot, swedes and radishes as well as leafy greens such as loose leaf lettuce, rocket and bok choi. If your patch gets 6 hours or more you will be able to grow any vegetable that requires “full sun”.   Try to find a patch that faces north to make the most of the sun in winter. If your patch gets 2 hours or less of sun think about whether raising it will help it access more or using mirrors could help.

Where is your water? Unless you are having irrigation installed, try to locate your patch close to your taps/ water tanks to make watering more convenient.

Access – Ensure your chosen location is the right size to allow all your little gardeners access at the same time. Also keep in mind where your gardening equipment is stored and try to keep that close by to make setting up and packing up easier.

If you will be composting (which you should), keeping your vegetable patch and compost near each other will be more convenient (also keep in mind if you are composting fruit and vegetable waste from morning tea, that the compost should be somewhere not too far for you to access each day).

From Vanessa LGS Horticulturalist in the making

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