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Planting in a raised garden bed

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If you want to grow your vegetables above the ground in raised beds has numerous benefits:

  •  The bed is at an easier height to plant, weed and harvest.
  • If the soil at your location is poor a raised bed is the perfect container to import new soil into or create a “No Dig” soilless garden
  • If your soil is compacted, with poor drainage, a raised bed solves this problem
  • Raised beds keep your garden tidy and attractive
  • Raised beds keep small feet and some pests such as rabbits out of your vegetable patch
  • Raised beds can be used to grow vegetables directly onto concrete/tiles/etc if you don’t have access to open earth at your location
  • Raised beds will warm up quicker which can and may be a better choice for a spot without quite enough sun
  • Raised beds can be filled with soil/ingredients that may be superior to the soil on site

From Vanessa LGS Veggie Lady











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