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A story from Wallalong Preschool

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The Scarecrow

Jake found an old flannelette shirt and asked what is this for?

Dana replied “that’s for painting”.

Jake said “this would make a good scarecrow!”

Dana thought that was a great idea and gathered the children for a discussion about how to do it they made a list together with all the things they would need.

  • Hat
  • Boots – Amelia and Scarlett filled the boots with sand
  • Pants
  • Head – Caleb said “I’ll draw the face – I’m a good face drawer”
  • Paper
  • Straw
  • Texta
  • Stick to hold it up Jake went searching for a stick.

Together they created a lovely scarecrow to put in our veggie patch.

Oliver said “so the bird won’t eat our veggies”.

Hooray!  said all the children.

From Wallalong Preschool

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