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Chickens in our Preschool!

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Seaham Preschool

Hi everyone! Our outdoor environment is always an ongoing project.

Mowing, weeding, planting, harvesting, fertilising and the development of play areas.

Our children have an important and prominent role within our planning and execution either on a project or every day basis.

We constantly ask and observe our children and their play about specific ideas they want to explore and expand on and current the topic was a pet
or pets for preschool.

Being rural we had many suggestions that we had to ask the children to really consider where they would live, what would they eat and how would we move and play around them? So a crocodile, horse and cows were decided not to be a good idea!!!

The children went on to discuss fish, birds, stick insects and chickens and decided that chickens were the ones that we could interact with the most, a lot of our friends know how to care for them and instead of our food scraps going home to chickens they could stay at Preschool for our chickens.

We spoke to our families about this decision who all agreed it would be a fabulous idea and addition to Preschool.

One of our families then asked if they could purchase the chicks for us and donate them and their neighbour also asked if they could donate us their old cage. We love community spirit in supporting our Preschool!!

So we now have 2 chickens and 1 rooster silkie bantam’s living amongst the mayhem that is Preschool. They have fitted in well and have been blessed with the names Rocky for the rooster and Elsa (surprise surprise) and super sparkles for the chickens.

We look forward to a strong relationship of play and egg collecting in the future and hopefully some baby chicks of our own!!!!

From Kelly and the Seaham Preschool Team

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