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Shortside: Educators walk off on International Women's Day 2017

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Whether you walk, or whether you stay, tell families why.


This Wednesday large numbers of early childhood educators are expected to walk off the job to draw attention to the notoriously low wages in this sector.

It’s no coincidence that Wednesday 8 March is also International Women’s Day.  While men in ECE are similarly underpaid, economists will tell you that female-dominated professions are far more likely to have low salaries.

Many of our member organisations are contacting families today, hoping to gain a clear idea in advance of how many children will remain for their full sessions so they can ensure sufficient staff remain to meet regulations.

Even if your service will not be at all affected by Wednesday’s action, we recommend you advise parents there will be no disruption, as you can expect continuing high levels of media coverage and uncertainty among families.  Please note that you should not refer to the activity as a ‘strike’, which has a different legal meaning.

We support the call for educators to be treated as the responsible professionals we believe they are, but we recognise that walking off is a very difficult prospect for many educators for a range of reasons.

Whether you walk or whether you stay, this is an opportunity to share information about poor remuneration in the sector with the families who trust you with their children.

We are looking for a quick ‘temperature check’ to see how our members and followers are feeling about Wednesday’s action. Tell us now with a quick click what you will be doing on Wednesday. We will not share your contact information with any other party:

1. I’m walking off with management support

2. I’m walking off against management’s wishes

3. I’m staying so my colleagues can go

4. I’m staying because I can’t afford to lose pay

5. I’m staying because I don’t believe in walking off

6. I am management and I support the walk off

7. I am management and I don’t support the walk off

8. I’m not sure yet

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