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How to save or print your Amplify posts as PDFs

Print or PDF

Two steps to easier printing and sharing for your Amplify articles

Nothing makes us happier than when we get emails asking if it is possible to download an Amplify articles as a PDF, or print it either as a web page or PDF file. It’s great to know that Amplify articles are being circulated to students, board members, committee members and in staff groups and other professional networks and, of course, using the social media share buttons on each post isn’t always the best option for that.

Below are two screen shots to help you print and save articles in two easy steps.  Different browsers and operating systems may display these screens in other ways, so if you still have questions, please get in touch!

Step One

Scroll to the very end of the article you want to print and/or save.  Look for the print button that works best for your system. For some people this will be the one with the little printer symbol above the blue social sharing buttons, for others it will be the grey print button in the row below them.

UPDATED: we have moved one of the print buttons to the top of each post, so you will have the printer icon option above the headline, and the grey print rectangle button option at the end of the content.

Whichever button your system prefers, you should see a dialogue box similar to this one when you click it.

If you want the article to print exactly as it appears on the web page just press print and you’re done.  However, this can lead to a lot of wasted paper as the formatting is usually not print-friendly.  We can’t predict your print settings, however we recommend that most of the time you look for the PDF option, which in this case is at the bottom left of the screen.

Click on the print button and choose your options.


Step Two

Again, depending on your system you may see a variation on the options below when you press the print button.  Most systems should give you at least the option to ‘view’ or to ‘save’ as a PDF.  Once you have saved the article as a PDF it will behave as any other file – you can print it, email it, or store it in your iBooks program – it’s up to you!

Choose the PDF option that suits you


And that’s that.

Thank you again – we love our readers!


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