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Need a prod to do your PRODA?

Prod to PRODA
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Which image describes your attitude to the changes coming up for the Child Care Benefit/Rebate and related reforms?

JFF readiness

It’s all right, we understand, we really do. But the change is coming, ready or not, and like you, CELA keeps getting these emails with helpful advice from the powers-that-be reminding us of all the steps that still need to be taken. From time to time we are going to share these actions with you in our own, somewhat simpler way, because even though July feels a long way away, it¬ really¬†isn’t and there are some things you probably should get done now…

The PRODA Prod

This week we’re giving you a prod to do your PRODA.¬

What’s a PRODA? So glad you asked!

It stands for PROvider Digital Access¬ and certain people in each children’s service need to be registered so you can use the new IT system.¬

Who needs a PRODA Account?

The Australian Government’s advice is that the following people should register for PRODA:

  • Persons with¬ Management or Control of the Provider.
  • Persons Responsible for the¬ Day-to-Day Operation of the Service
  • Service Contacts
  • Family Day Care Educators¬†(for Family Day Care services only)

Looking at that list, it’s clear¬ not only providers have to register!

Identifying those people in your service

Not sure you’ve got the right people ready to register? There’s a handy¬ Personnel Factsheet¬†now available to define who they are by their roles and the IT tasks they may have to perform on the new system (clicking on the below chart will take you to the source page, in case there are later updates).

PRODA personnel

How do you register?

Follow this link to the secure PRODA authentication system and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Before you start, have this information ready beside you:

  • information from 3 Australian government issued documents they own ‚Äď such as a passport, driver‚Äôs licence or Medicare card.
  • evidence of a name change, if needed, such as if you’ve changed your name by marriage since getting your current Medicare card

After you finish, write this down

At the end of the registration process you will receive a Registration Authority (RA) Number.

This RA Number must be kept secure as you may be required to provide it to your provider, your software vendor or another government agency.

Need more information?

CELA members please get in touch with the membership team if you need more help.

The Australian Government has also provided more resources to answer your questions here:

  • Personnel Roles.¬†Check out our¬ mini video!
  • Get the latest information about the¬ Stages of Transition.
  • Learn about¬†Changes to Service Types. Our¬ mini video¬†explains how the changes might affect your service.
  • For help registering, contact the¬†PRODA¬†Helpdesk on¬ 1800¬†700¬†199 (select Option 1)¬ Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm¬†AEDT.
  • Questions about your transition to the New Child Care Package? Contact the CCMS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276 (9.00am to 5.30pm Mon-Fri AEDT.


Bec Lloyd is the founder and managing director of Bec & Call Communication, providing professional writing, editing and strategy services to the school and early childhood education sector since 2014. In 2018 she launched UnYucky mindset and menus for happier family mealtimes. Formerly the communications lead at ACECQA and BOS (now NESA), Bec is a journo and mother of three who produces Amplify for us at Community Early Learning Australia.

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