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Amplify celebrates one year – thanks to you!

Happy birthday Amplify!
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Comment: A fabulous article Dani … one that we can all share as well as reflect upon!

Vivienne, response to Does style triumph over substance by Danielle Bopping

On April 27 2018 Amplify is one year old, and what a wonderful experience our contributors and readers have made the past 12 months.

Your clicks, shares, comments and downloads have guided us so clearly to the articles you love the most:

Comment: It’s the developers, if they have the money – they can build as big and how many places they can get for their dollar.

Diane, response to Open plan or open slather?

We’ve broken news stories here that have been picked up by mainstream and other sector media, like oversupply (remember the sceptics who said it only affected poor quality services?) and the potentially negative impact of open plan design, or the restrictions on hiring quality overseas students as educators.

You’ve told us we’ve made your day with ‘cheat sheets’ like our one page NQS Changes at a Glance, and our pre-Christmas eco-helper: Glitter Alternatives.

And you say we’ve warmed your hearts, sparked your inspiration, and provoked your thinking with powerful articles about teaching, learning, and what it means to be a professional educator.

Comment: My grandson is one of the little people who currently enjoy standing on that step and this what I want for him: an educator that sees him, allows him to be in the moment in an environment that allows him to direct his own learning and express his own thoughts

Tracie, response to This old step

We’ve been amazed at the quality of our contributors’ stories, and in awe of their courage sometimes too – while some are high profile specialists, many of our guest writers have never shared a story beyond their family newsletter before. One of our gorgeous guest writers, Chloe Chant, has since updated and shared her Amplify story about being an accidental advocate in a new book.

Along the way we’ve had some odd moments.  We’ve observed a few huffs when we have questioned the merit of some accepted practices, or queried the time it has taken to achieve some national goals, and we’ve pointed and stared at more than one elephant in the room!

Comment: I’ve worked in a lot of services where pyjama day is often offered as a one-off, ‘fun’ day, but I’ve also experienced the children who don’t have fun at all. The children who don’t have pyjamas, or who are sent in their ‘regular’ pyjamas as opposed to other children in items bought for the day, and the disparity to the children is really obvious.

EJ, response to What’s professional about pyjamas anyway?

We’ve seen some changes in other sector communications recently to adopt a more approachable style, like Amplify, and that makes us very happy. The more accessible, engaging communication there is in the sector, the better.  The National Quality Framework is built on the concept that there is no single correct way to approach quality education and care for children and the old days of following a checklist to the letter are gone. Your growth as a profession relies on informed, independent thinking and sound judgment, guided by regulations of course, but with scope to make your own mark on a vibrant and vital line of work.

Here’s a little something you might remember from your communication units, though: none of these stories mean anything without you, the reader, and your responses.  Without you, and the friends and colleagues with whom you share Amplify, these words are just so many trees falling in an empty forest. Thank you.  Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for reading. Thank you for contributing. Thank you for downloading PDFs, for printing, for sharing in closed study groups at colleges and universities (we see you!) and for sending on to educators in Denmark, England, Canada, Thailand, France, America, Malaysia and many other countries besides.

Comment: A story that rings true with our ethos on getting outside the gate, we do it as often as we can with as many children as we can.

Leanne, response to Let’s get out of here


And all of this has been brought to you by a modest but feisty national organisation called Community Early Learning Australia – a representative body for educators, with a 40 year history as Community Child Care Cooperative.

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Enjoy your reading this week, and into the future.

Bec Lloyd

Editor, Amplify and Rattler Magazine

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