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Is this the end of the National Quality Agenda?

Commonwealth pulls the plug on NQA - NSW Letter
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The Commonwealth is unplugging the powerhouse that drives the national quality framework.  The Minister’s announcement to end the National Quality Agenda partnership with States and Territories has the potential to set early education back decades.

This is not the expectation of CELA and the early education sector that we represent. Collectively, we have invested millions of dollars and uncountable productive hours over the past nine years striving for better educational outcomes for all children throughout Australia. Any impact on progressing quality across Australia is completely unacceptable. This comes at a time when the evidence is irrefutable that children gain lifelong benefits from quality early education.

CELA is looking to the Federal Opposition to restore faith in the national quality agenda in its response to the Budget on 10 May.

How much have you invested in the national quality agenda in time and money since implementation in 2012 (or since the agreement in 2009)?

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