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Australia’s first ever Early Learning Matters Week

Early Learning Matters Week
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Australia’s first ever Early Learning Matters Week is happening from August 5 to 12. It’s a nation-wide initiative to show how early childhood education supports the wellbeing of children, families and society.

Early childhood services around the country are inviting their local Federal Member of Parliament or Senator to visit them in Early Learning Matters Week. It’s a massive national effort to reach out to all 226 Federal politicians. The idea is to give them a first-hand experience of play-based early learning environments and how they nourish children’s development and Australia’s youngest citizens.

Three ways you can get involved

Here are more ways that everyone can get involved:

1. Share a photo

Share a photo on social media of your favourite early learning activity, provocation or irresistible experience.

Add a caption describing it.

Make sure to show just the setup, or include children without identifying features (just hands, feet or back of head will do).

Post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with #EARLYLearningMatters.

Tag your local Federal or State MP in the photo, if you know their Twitter or Facebook handle, or just #their name.

If you don’t know who your local MP is, get tips on our website,

2. Team photo

Take a photograph outside your early learning service with your team (with the permission of your service) and post it on your own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and tag your local MP’s Facebook page as well as using the hashtag #EARLYLearningMatters.

3. Make a sign

Involve children in your service in decorating an area or your signage in their own creative ways, or B) make a collective poster of the words: Early Learning Matters with the children. Take a photo (only include children’s hands or feet, or just show the art work) and post to social media with #EARLYLearningMatters.

Children at Explore & Develop walk through the terrain of a story about a ‘bear hunt’ #EARLYLearningMatters
Children at C&K build a straw bridge to show how an old man in a story crossed a river #EARLYLearningMatters

Follow Early Learning Everyone Benefits

Early Learning Everyone Benefits is a national partnership of 25 organisations including early childhood peaks, research institutions, early childhood service providers and community organisations.

Our goals are: to increase community understanding of the long term benefits of early learning for children, families, communities and the nation; and to increase children’s access to quality early learning.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to share our posts and messages during Early Learning Matters Week 2018.


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