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“Thank you for opening up a productive discussion in Amplify about how early childhood educators can use a range of resources to talk to colleagues and parents about the importance of the first five years.”

We loved receiving this message from Carolin Wenzel and the team at Early Childhood Australia after we invited contributions of additional resources in last week’s Five First Five Videos post (see below). Our sector is so rich in talent, experience, and has a wonderful culture of collaboration. The more we share and reflect on ideas and resources, the stronger we all become.

Read on for this collection of top resources from the Early Learning, Everyone Benefits campaign, handpicked by the ECA team for readers of Amplify and including helpful advice about how to use each one with different audiences.

A journey

At the Early Learning Everyone Benefits campaign we have been on this journey since we launched the campaign with Dame Quentin Bryce in May 2016.

Here are our top five resources that we’d like to share with Amplify subscribers, to help everyone who cares about the importance of the first five years and the valuable role of early childhood educators to spread the word!


Frameworks Institute ‘Building Better Brains’ video (with Australian narrator)

This engaging animation shows how effective key metaphors are to communicate the importance of supporting children’s early development – such as, ‘Brain Architecture’;  ‘Serve and Return’, the impact of ‘Toxic Stress’.

How would you use it?

Great in a professional development meeting, or at the end of an Education Leaders meeting where you may have set a discussion topic on communicating the benefits of early learning to families. You could also link to this Educators Toolkit page with more information about how to use the metaphors, and how they were developed

Professor Melhuish on the cost of not funding preschool

This video hosted on Facebook shows an interview with Professor Edward Melhuish, OBE Oxford University Professor of Human Development and one of the leaders of the UK Effective Preschool, Primary & Secondary Education research study. Prof Melhuish speaking in an Australian context about the importance of quality early learning to children’s development, including the broader social benefits of ensuring all children have access to quality early learning.

How would you use it?

Show to stakeholders, such as politicians, funders or even at a Board meeting to communicate the broader social benefits of investing in your early learning service.

Young children are amazing

The video, Young children are amazing – Brain Development, is beautifully produced with text only messaging and no narration so it can be displayed without needing audio. The video was produced thanks to Goodstart but can be used by anyone.

How would you use it?

You could have this piece on rotation at your service entrance, on your website or Facebook page, show it on open days and running in the background at conferences or on a stall.

Everyone Benefits blogs

Educator blog

Educator blog

This blog hosts a collection of articles with information for educators on new developments and ways to communicate key concepts to colleagues, families and other stakeholders including:

Family blog

Inspiring and practical information to help parents support their children’s early development, including:

How would you use them?

Include a link to an article you find useful in your newsletter to staff or parents, or include the link to the Educator of Family blog pages in a list of further reading resources.

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