As the peak body for early and middle childhood education, Community Early Learning Australia is an influential and vital advocacy force for the sector and children across the country.


We believe that all children deserve quality early education and care. But we know that not all receive it – either at home or when in the care of others.


Our advocacy plays a vital role to amplify the value of early learning so that every child can access quality early education and care. We influence Australian policymakers through representing our members at state and national discussions, lobbying continuously for improvements to education and care.


In advocating for early and middle childhood education and care services Australia-wide, we unite the voices of both community and small private services who share values: putting purpose before profit, focussing on community benefit.


Through our own advocacy and through strengthening our members advocacy we can make the difference Australia’s children need.


The focus of our advocacy is always to improve access to quality education and care for Australian children,
and some of our current priorities include:

  • rural preschool viability
  • securing universal access for two years of preschool
  • increasing service provision and access for children experiencing disadvantage and particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families
  • maintaining community values and choices for families in the face of corporate growth and potential for oversupply
  • promoting high quality educator performance from the training and education system
  • promoting equal remuneration for early childhood educators
  • keeping a spotlight on national consistency in quality education and care


With so many causes in front of us in the early and middle childhood education and care sector, we need to be innovative and creative
to ensure our efforts have meaning, advance dialogue and lead to real change.


Acts of advocacy can be anything that makes a meaningful contribution toward a change educators or families want to see. We support our members’ advocacy in many ways, including:


  • influencing government policy makers through participation in public consultation sessions, either in person or via written submissions
  • contacting elected representatives when important legislation affecting education and care is being considered, including the National Quality Framework and other education standards
  • volunteering as CELA Children’s Champions to advance the issues that made them most passionate
  • signing up to our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts  and sharing important news and articles with their own networks
  • continuing their professional learning and development in our courses and applying their skills and knowledge for the benefit of children
    and their families
  • sharing lessons and ideas with our community through writing for our online and print media

We amplify the voices of our members through our advocacy.

Time for action – calling for universal early learning for every Australian child


Collective statement



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