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How heavy work can help preschoolers with regulation

Running, spinning, banging and shouting – preschoolers can sometimes seem to have limitless energy. In some cases, it may be a child’s way of signalling that they are feeling overloaded or seeking sensory stimulation. Engaging children in ‘heavy work’ activities can be a great way to channel this energy and calm the mind by giving children a sense […]

Workforce: Have your say on the NQF Consultation Regulation Impact Statement Pt 1

CELA has analysed the National Quality Framework Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS) which covers a wide range of areas for improvement on which your opinion is sought. We are specifically seeking your feedback on three key areas, which will be covered in a series of three Amplify articles. This week we take you through what […]

CELA’s 2019 Learning & Development calendar – exciting NEW sessions put theory into action

A different way of learning that puts theory into action Building your understanding of early learning theories is important but understanding how you can apply your learnings in everyday practice is what makes training truly rewarding. We’ve been giving a lot of thought to how we can make learning as effective as possible and we’re […]

The Tribe

Early Childhood Australia’s biennial* conference was held in Sydney this year and Community Early Learning Australia, a long-time supporter of ECA, attended as an exhibitor. The experience of immersion among 2000 educators left CELA CEO Michele Carnegie pondering the nature of the early childhood and OSHC sector in Australia, and led to this reflection and […]

3yo preschool funding nsw

A step in the right direction for 3yos, a giant leap for NSW

NSW announces funding for two years of preschool education for three-year-olds in community based preschools. Led by advocacy and research, the NSW Government announced in this week’s budget, that all three-year olds in community based preschools will receive subsidised funding for fees from 2019. Sarah Mitchell (Minister for Early Education, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and […]

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