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G20 and red tape

Australia vs the G20 on early childhood education’s value

Jennifer Ribarovski recently took a break from her 2018 Australian work travels and headed to Italy where she visited Reggio Emilia, and, among other things, had time to follow international news on the recent G20 summit. Her observations, penned in a transit lounge in Doha, are that Australia remains sadly out of step with other developed […]

Setting goals for children

A collaborative approach to goal setting in education and care services – Jennifer Ribarovski

One of Amplify’s favourite writers and provocateurs, Jennifer Ribarovski, returns this week to look at what ‘goal setting’ for children might mean in your service.   Are you comfortable with the balance of family and educational input into individual children’s goals?  Where are the children’s voices in your goal setting? What about the community context? Do you […]

children's interests on Amplify

Have children's interests hijacked the curriculum? Our third provocation from Jennifer Ribarovski

This is the third in our series of four provocations from educator, academic and consultant Jennifer Ribarovski.  You can read her two previous posts here and here. Have children’s interests hijacked the curriculum, and diminished other opportunities for learning and development? In my last blog, I talked about intentional teaching, the ways that this might […]

Amplify provocation teaching

Does 'intentional teaching' discourage actual teaching? Jennifer's next provocation

“Do terms such as intentional teaching and child-led learning actually take away educators’ confidence to teach?” In my last post for Amplify!, I talked about the perception of early childhood and care (ECEC) in the government and public eye.  This also gets me thinking about whether perception plays a role in how teaching and education practices are undertaken in […]

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