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Do you have an appetite for progressive mealtimes?

Do you offer progressive meal times at your service? The idea is becoming more common in early learning environments, but some families and educators find the concept hard to digest. We look at the pros and cons of progressive mealtimes, and Pedagogical Leader Karla Wintle shares how a reflection on meal times led to the […]

Is there a respectful way to approach Australia Day?

As we head towards another 26 January, the request to ‘change the date’ is still being hotly debated. Many early education services now choose not to celebrate a day that is a source of pain to many in our Indigenous population. However, others wonder if there’s still a way to acknowledge or approach the day […]

Why educator self care is so important

Be You Consultants Nikki Edwards and Tanya Burr share why educator self-care is so important and how you can start the conversation at your service. Why self-care is so important for educators working with young children and families The work that educators do draws on so much of who they are as a person. There […]

Why dinosaurs are a great tool for teaching in the early years

Dinosaurs are a popular topic for children of all ages. These incredible creatures spark children’s imagination and curiosity, and they offer endless learning opportunities. We speak to Fiona Brell of the Australian Museum about what makes them a great teaching tool and provide 6 ideas for dinosaur play to inspire you. When children follow their […]

Improving Service Quality – what the research says

Where do early childhood education services put their focus when it comes to improving quality? What are the differentiating factors between a service that is Meeting vs Exceeding standards? These are the types of questions that sparked ACECQA to commission a research study that looks at the characteristics and drivers of quality improvement in long […]

Educator wellbeing starts with knowing your entitlements

How many breaks should you have during your day at work? What pay rate should you be on? Do you need to stay back for meetings that are outside of rostered time and should you be paid for them? It’s important for your mental and physical wellbeing that you know your entitlements at work and […]

Building the rural and regional workforce – what strategies are in place and what can be done now?

Early education workforce shortages are increasing across Australia, exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19. Many overseas-born early childhood educators returned to their home countries this year and may not be back, while many early childhood education students have had their graduations delayed as they have been unable to undertake placements this year. New approaches will […]

COVID-safe celebrations for children and educators

After an unpredictable and stressful year, we all deserve a party. Unfortunately, planning festive celebrations and graduations this year may come with a few added complications due to the ever-shifting sands of COVID-related social restrictions. Celebrations will be more important than ever this year — for children and educators. We share some ideas to kick […]

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