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Easy framework for hard conversations

Amplify editor Bec Lloyd writes about her E-E-E-Easy to remember guide for preparing to have a difficult conversation. Gut-wrenching Your stomach is churning, your pounding temples are pulling your eyes back into your skull, your shoulders are tightly wedged under your ears, and you just realised you’ve been tapping your pen so long that it’s […]


The $120,000 superannuation gap between ECTs and primary teachers

Last month we shared a story on the startling $30,000 pay gap that exists between teachers who have the same kinds of degrees and same kinds of responsibilities: early childhood teachers, after 10 years of work, can expect to earn $30K less than their colleagues in primary schools. Clearly, it struck a chord.  The article shot instantly […]

pay gap

The $30,000 pay gap question

 With the same degree, the same responsibilities, but often shorter holidays and less professional support, why are early childhood teachers paid so much less than their primary school colleagues? Amplify editor Bec Lloyd looks at a pay gap that starts around $16,000 and doubles in less than 10 years, and hears from the Independent Education […]

Won't you be my neighbour

Won’t you be my neighbour? What Mr Rogers might teach Australians about talking to children

Most Australians wouldn’t look to American television as a leader in communication with children, but we might be missing something truly wonderful in the science and discipline the late Fred Rogers brought to his show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Amplify’s editor Bec Lloyd shares her appreciation of the writing craft behind the man, and finds some […]

Budget header

The hidden story in Budget 2018

ACECQA was going to need that money … to pay its staff and keep the lights on View the infographic here. The hidden story Last week (8 May) the Federal government handed down its 2018-19 budget. Like the rest of the sector initial reaction watching the Treasurer speak was that there were no surprises: Jobs […]

Analysis of the sector

There’s the good news, and the bad news…

Earlier this year we reported that a global economic analysis company, IBISWorld, projected ‘preschool education’ (see end note) would join data storage services, craft beer production, aquaculture, and courier delivery services as the fastest growing employment for 2017-18 and up to 2023. IBISWorld analyst James Thomson told us that growing wages and demand for skilled […]

Happy birthday Amplify!

Amplify celebrates one year – thanks to you!

Comment: A fabulous article Dani … one that we can all share as well as reflect upon! Vivienne, response to Does style triumph over substance by Danielle Bopping On April 27 2018 Amplify is one year old, and what a wonderful experience our contributors and readers have made the past 12 months. Your clicks, shares, comments […]

Speaking the language of families, it’s up to us

After last week’s story about the happy outcome of a completely unexpected Ratings and Assessment visit, we’ve been thinking more about quality ratings and about how ACECQA’s research shows families are still largely unaware of what they mean. By both research and anecdote, ratings matter far more to educators, providers and regulators than they do […]

Open plan or open slather_

Open plan or open slather? Part One

Any parent or educator knows that the more children you have in a room the noisier, at times, it will be and the harder it is to keep track of individual children. Despite keeping to ratios, or even staffing above ratios, how reasonable is it to expect educators and children in a room of 70 human beings to build close and supportive relationships?

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