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Publishing enforcement actions- Around Australia snapshot

Compliance breaches and the public right to know

As the fifth year of the National Quality Framework draws to a close, it’s reasonable to expect most of the big differences between states and territories are gone or on their way out soon, right? Getting closer There’s no doubt we are getting closer to national consistency with the most recent tranche of reforms, but […]

Inspire 2017

Inspire Interview Number One: Martyn Mills-Bayne

This year’s Inspire Conference is only two weeks away now, and what better way to introduce you to some of our inspiring panelists and speakers than to find out what inspires them? First on our list is Dr Martyn Mills-Bayne, University of South Australia Lecturer: Early Childhood Education, and Coordinator of the MENtor Program for Males in […]

Process quality interactions

Early childhood investment wasted without quality

A new paper from Mitchelle Institute, released overnight, finds that quality is lagging in key ECEC areas and improving teaching should be a top priority. Scroll to end to download your copy of the paper Mitchell Institute Policy Program Director, Dr Charlene Smith said governments should prioritise building early childhood educator skills and make sure investment […]

A simple guide to fraud in education services

It’s an ugly thought: to imagine that someone you trust is stealing from your organisation, perhaps directly from the families and children. Yet every few months in Australia there’s a court hearing for fraud in an early learning or school setting. Scroll down for your CELA Simple Guide to Fraud in Education Services The principal of […]

Early Learning Everyone Benefits summary image, (see PDF link below)

Australia’s education report card at a glance

You loved the NQF Changes at a Glance so much, we’ve turned our graphics eye to another important document released this year, the Early Learning Everyone Benefits report on the state of early learning in Australia in 2017. For longer reading we commend both the report and the Mitchell Institute’s analysis of the contents in an international […]

national children's week 2017

National Children’s Week 2017

No matter where you will celebrate Children’s Week (October 21-29 2017), we’ve got you covered. This year’s Children’s Week National Theme is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 29 Education should develop each child’s personality and talents to the full. It should encourage children to respect their parents, their cultures and […]

CELA's NQF Changes At A Glance

NQF Changes at a glance

We know, we know: you’ve read all the reports, printed out the NQS chart, downloaded all the information sheets and memorised the FAQs on ACECQA’s website. You can recite the updated regulations (backwards) and just last week you turned all the new elements into a song for the children, right? Of course you have! But wouldn’t […]


When two policies collide: vaccination and universal access across Australia

The story so far… In March this year, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wrote to all state and territory governments asking them to exclude children from any early childhood service or preschool unless they were immunised against preventable diseases or had a valid medical exemption. The intention was to close the ‘loophole’ present in many […]

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