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Meet the Start Strong team!

Start Strong team, L-R: Cinzia Immuni, Lauren Kiellor, Carla Yeates, Tracey Muccillo, Kathy Lawton, Caroline McCarthy, Amanda Archer. Community Early Learning Australia is a major service provider in the Start Strong Sector Support Program in NSW.  Our amazing team of support officers work daily with Start Strong funded services, and they are living proof that the […]

Welcome to Community Early Learning Australia

You don’t call your work ‘child care’ any more, and neither should we.  CEO Diane Lawson and our Board Directors write for Amplify! and the upcoming issue of Rattler magazine about the changes underway for Community Child Care Co-operative as it begins trading as Community Early Learning Australia. “It’s good to open a new chapter; […]

Can't make it to a Jobs For Families presentation? Here are the slides.

  With only a limited number of presentation dates, the Jobs for Families information sessions are out of reach for many educators and providers.  To make it as easy as possible for you to catch up, We’ve put together a slideshow for you from the official JFF presentation, and combined it with notes from our two […]

Your chance to set the new ALP policy on early childhood education and care: Kate Ellis invitation

Today Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, joins Amplify’s guest writers with a prelude to the ALP’s new discussion paper (below). Before Easter this year Ms Ellis held a roundtable discussion in Melbourne with stakeholders including CCCC. The purpose was to shape the consultation to review future ALP policy for the sector.  It was a very productive […]

Amplify national occupancy survey

More warning signs of oversupply? Complete our occupancy survey

G8 Education is the corporate ECEC provider fingers often point to when discussing oversupply of early learning places in many parts of Australia. .  Today its CEO and founder Chris Scott is expected to step down following a shareholders’ meeting where the group’s falling share price and recent loss of a China-based debt bail out […]

Insider briefing: Amanda Archer reports on the first Jobs For Families information session in Canberra

Our Community Services Management Co-ordinator, Amanda Archer, headed to Canberra today for the first of the national series of information sessions the Department of Education is running on the Jobs for Families Child Care Package.  These are her notes written at the airport for us before heading back to Sydney so you can get the inside briefing […]

Amplify national occupancy survey

Counting Places: we launch our national occupancy survey (you have ONE week to respond)

While government policy continues to support unlimited growth in early childhood service developments with the aim of ‘increasing access’, anecdotally we keep hearing of very dark outcomes, particularly for community based and small private providers. Despite almost every other aspect of children’s services being covered by regulation the supply of places is seen by governments as being […]

'Remarkable Differences' – children change when they learn outdoors: final in the Raw & Unearthed series

As a society we want children to be divergent thinkers, but seldom do we really give them opportunity to be so. Outdoors, there is no other option. They have to push through their own barriers and experience a sense of boredom. Invent ideas and bring them to life. …not a worksheet in sight… We have observed […]

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