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Keep Calm PJ Days

With all due respect… what’s professional about pyjamas? A new provocation from Molly Rhodin

With all due respect… This is how our latest guest writer Molly Rhodin began a Facebook post last weekend on the giant, public, EYLF/NQF Ideas and Discussions group. Molly questioned the early childhood service ‘institution’ of PJ Day, an event allowing educators and children to attend wearing their pyjamas.  Particularly popular in winter time, PJ Day is sometimes connected to […]

A tale of two national appointments: Michele and Carla

Michele Carnegie to lead CELA’s national sector development Michele Carnegie joins CELA at the end of July in the position in executive leadership for sector development. As one of our first senior appointments since the launch of CELA, Michele will be responsible for learning and development,  sector alliances and government relations. Michele has a Bachelor […]

Government releases national fact sheet on new Child Care IT system

As we were preparing the Amplify newsletter for distribution today, the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training issued the below information on the new Integrated Child Care IT System (ICCITS). The ‘integration’ will include combining the role of CCMS, and other related IT connections in one system. If you’re a member of CELA and received our […]

An Around Australia series: transition to school stories, starting in NSW

Introducing our first Around Australia series: transitions to school. The start of school is a major life event for children and families alike.  Research shows us that children who have a positive start in early learning are likely to be more engaged learners at school, and that a positive school transition is also likely to […]

National vacancy survey update: a children’s service on every corner

Last week we released the National Occupancy Survey, and two thirds of responding services reported more vacancies in some or all age groups than 2015. If you’re one of the several thousand people who read the report, you might recall this quote, extracted from the survey and highlighting a previously unheard of problem: oversupply of […]

Smallest to tallest: one of our sector’s ‘middle children’ sets the bar high for school transition

…we realised that to achieve harmony we had to change the way we introduced kindergarten children to our service and our program… The start of every school year is filled with mixed emotions for everyone involved. For our team it’s a time of anticipation, reassurance, reflection, and trepidation, as we prepare for what the new […]

Are we spoilt by choice? When vacancies rise, quality suffers

These developers need to slow down or they will destroy many child care services including their own. Melissa, long day care, Queensland   SUMMARY The aim of our recent National Occupancy Survey, Counting Places, was to test the concern shared with Community Early Learning Australia by many of its members that there were increasingly too […]

Meet the Start Strong team!

Start Strong team, L-R: Cinzia Immuni, Lauren Kiellor, Carla Yeates, Tracey Muccillo, Kathy Lawton, Caroline McCarthy, Amanda Archer. Community Early Learning Australia is a major service provider in the Start Strong Sector Support Program in NSW.  Our amazing team of support officers work daily with Start Strong funded services, and they are living proof that the […]

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