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How to incorporate spontaneous music opportunities throughout the day

You don’t need to be an accomplished musician or singer to include music in your daily program! Research shows that music eases stress, stimulates brain development, aids memory and spatial awareness, supports communication and language development and promotes a sense of wellbeing. That makes music a fantastic (if not vital) addition to any early education […]

Children and vulnerability – Emerging insights and how our sector can help

Anti-Poverty Week, observed from 11-17 October, is a national campaign to raise awareness for the financial struggles thousands of Australians experience every day. Poverty has far-reaching impacts on Australia’s children, which has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. CELA Research and Policy Manager Megan O’Connell casts further light on disadvantage in the pandemic environment and […]

Granbuddies program provides vital social connections to the elderly

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many elderly residents of care homes have been left feeling more alone and isolated than ever – particularly those with no relatives to talk to via phone or digital devices. Research1 has found that perceived social isolation and loneliness are associated with depression, cognitive decline, poor sleep quality, a weaker immune system, and […]

Exploring schema to develop Fundamental Movement Skills

You might be aware of schema for infants – such as the schema that helps newborns to suck or grasp. Schemas continue on through a child’s development, and identifying and understanding children’s schemas can provide important information. In this post, a new guest writer for Amplify, Casey Francis, of Gunning Early Learning Centre in rural […]

Exemplary Early Childhood Educators At Work

The Exemplary Early Childhood Educators At Work project is a three year study funded by the Australian Research Council. The project is investigating the complexity and challenges of early childhood educators’ work in ‘prior to school settings’ (long day care and preschool). This research project is the first of its kind in Australia and is […]

Ngroo Education walking together with CELA at Ignite

Ngroo Education is a major facilitator of the CELA national outdoor learning conference on 13-15 October, Ignite.  This is the third annual Ignite conference and promises to be the most amazing yet, not least because Ngroo is playing a major part in facilitating the whole weekend. Even if you’re not familiar with Ngroo, you may […]

Can a parent's needs outweigh a child's when early intervention is in question? Rebecca Thompson saves her toughest challenge to last

Oh no! This can’t be last one! I could talk about inclusive practice forever, but okay: let’s wrap up this series with a post about hard conversations. Not conversations between you and I as such, but rather THOSE hard conversations we have to have with families. Or, often, the conversations we know we should have but […]

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