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How to incorporate spontaneous music opportunities throughout the day

You don’t need to be an accomplished musician or singer to include music in your daily program! Research shows that music eases stress, stimulates brain development, aids memory and spatial awareness, supports communication and language development and promotes a sense of wellbeing. That makes music a fantastic (if not vital) addition to any early education […]

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Viewing, Listening, Engaging – Responsive practice for digital play in early education

Where do you stand on the use of digital technology with young children? What are your beliefs on the rightful role of digital resources in early childhood education? The sector holds diverse perspectives, calling for crucial pedagogical discussions to reflect upon what digital play should look like in early learning settings. ABC Kids Early Childhood […]

Ten Year National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy – why it’s needed and how you can have your say

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is leading the development of the Ten Year National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy (2021-2030). In this Amplify we highlight the key issues that the strategy is aiming to address, how this marries with what you have told us, how you can have your say, […]

Once upon a time …. Developing storytelling skills with children

Telling stories is our oldest form of teaching. Long before we could write, our ancestors passed knowledge from generation to generation through oral stories which gave answers to our largest questions surrounding creation, life and the afterlife. Children’s author Victoria Mackinlay shares how developing storytelling skills can benefit young children, along with some practical and […]

How children’s curiosity about space led to Early STEM Award prizes

The biennial Little Scientists Early STEM Award celebrates early childhood services’ achievements in the areas of inquiry-based learning and child-led STEM exploration. In this two-part series, we share stories from some of the 2020 winners, along with insights into how the children benefited from the experience, and why the projects stood out to the judging […]

No such thing as a ‘standard brain’: A reflection on the value early educators make for children with learning differences

Beth Sebesfi is an early childhood teacher and mother of three daughters aged 6, 4 and 2. From time to time she shares with us the professional insights arising from her personal experiences with children at work and home. Today’s story is a reflection on the impact of a surprise ‘double diagnosis’ of giftedness and […]

Why dinosaurs are a great tool for teaching in the early years

Dinosaurs are a popular topic for children of all ages. These incredible creatures spark children’s imagination and curiosity, and they offer endless learning opportunities. We speak to Fiona Brell of the Australian Museum about what makes them a great teaching tool and provide 6 ideas for dinosaur play to inspire you. When children follow their […]

“How many ways can you talk?” AUSLAN creates opportunities for inclusion and joy

Auslan is short for Australian sign language. It’s a visual form of communication that uses hand, arm and body movements to convey meaning. While it was originally created for the hearing impaired, its incorporation in an early learning environment creates many exciting opportunities for engagement, inclusion and a richer shared culture. Christine Tsang, Director of […]

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