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What makes KU an Employer of Choice

KU Children’s Services were recently announced as an employer of choice at the Australian Business Awards for the fourth year running. How does a not for profit children’s service hold its own against hundreds of commercial applicants to gain such an accolade across four consecutive years? KU Children’s Services CEO Chris Legg and General Manager […]

Melbourne Preschool goes Carbon Neutral

Melbourne Preschool goes Carbon Neutral

After a five year journey Albert Park Preschool in Melbourne realised their dream to become carbon neutral. Last week they were announced as Australia’s first certified carbon neutral early childhood service. ‘Our philosophy celebrates a commitment to the wellbeing of our world and each other as part of a promise to Bunjil – creator deity […]

A story from Wallalong Preschool

The Scarecrow Jake found an old flannelette shirt and asked what is this for? Dana replied “that’s for painting”. Jake said “this would make a good scarecrow!” Dana thought that was a great idea and gathered the children for a discussion about how to do it they made a list together with all the things […]

Chickens in our Preschool!

Seaham Preschool Hi everyone! Our outdoor environment is always an ongoing project. Mowing, weeding, planting, harvesting, fertilising and the development of play areas. Our children have an important and prominent role within our planning and execution either on a project or every day basis. We constantly ask and observe our children and their play about […]

Planting in a raised garden bed

If you want to grow your vegetables above the ground in raised beds has numerous benefits:  The bed is at an easier height to plant, weed and harvest. If the soil at your location is poor a raised bed is the perfect container to import new soil into or create a “No Dig” soilless garden […]

Growing in containers

Is your early education and care service tight for space? What about planting your garden in containers? Here are some tips: If you don’t have enough space for a full sized garden bed there are many different vegetables that you can grow in containers including pots, vertical gardens, fabric bags, wall pouches, hanging baskets and […]

Science Week!

2015 is the UN-declared International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL). It is a world-wide celebration of the importance of light and optical technologies to the development of society. As such, the theme for this year’s National Science Week in schools is Making waves: the science of light, providing the backdrop for a myriad […]

Choosing the right spot

The location of your veggie patch is important for its success. There are a few things I would encourage you to consider; Sunshine – don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need full sun all day to grow vegetables successfully, but try and find a patch that gets at least 2 – 4 hours per day. This […]

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