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I make the rules – how we can teach young children about body safety

Protecting children from harm is a fundamental part of being an early childhood professional. Preventative education is also crucial and should be an integral part of any child-safe organisation. Early childhood education consultant Nicole Talarico shares how early education professionals can help children to understand that they hold the power when it comes to their bodies […]

Multiple benefits of being Eco Smart – NSW SPROuts Awards Pt 2

Striving to be ‘greener’ has led three award-winning services on very different journeys that have improved other learning and development outcomes. In Part 2 of our focus on Education for Sustainability we find out how KU Children’s Services are embracing environmental sustainability, which led to two services winning SPROuts (Sustainable Projects Recognising Outstanding Practice) awards […]

New resource helps children feel informed when visiting a COVID respiratory clinic

Around Australia, many children are having to visit respiratory clinics instead of their regular family doctor. They may need to undertake a COVID-19 test. This can be confronting to young children, who may arrive to see large tents full of unfamiliar people with clipboards, wearing face masks and other protective clothing. After speaking to a […]

wearing masks

Wearing masks in ECEC – is it time to reframe our thinking?

As the COVID-19 resurgence continues in Victoria, and with cases appearing across parts of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland, the issue of wearing face masks is again a focus of discussion. Masks have been compulsory in Victoria for educators when greeting parents and working away from children, but are not currently mandated when […]

Wrangling runny noses in a COVID-19 environment

Prior to the pandemic, runny noses were an expected sight in early education and care settings. They have now been blown into the centre of heated debates around ECEC protocols and safety measures. Should you send a child home who ‘only’ has a runny nose? What if it’s clear vs green or yellow? What should […]

Caring for young children with food allergies

In Australia, one in 10 infants now have a confirmed food allergy, with food-related anaphylaxis having doubled in the last 10 years. Food allergy week runs from 24 to 30 May, so we asked the team at Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA) to share some key ways that early education services can manage food allergies […]

Keeping staff and students safe during COVID-19 – Part 2

The government has provided information about COVID-19 for NSW schools, universities and childcare centres including how to encourage good hygiene, social distancing, preparing for illness and communicating changes. But what does that look like in reality in an ECEC setting? In the second of our two-part series, we speak with a service in Lismore on […]

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