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How heavy work can help preschoolers with regulation

Running, spinning, banging and shouting – preschoolers can sometimes seem to have limitless energy. In some cases, it may be a child’s way of signalling that they are feeling overloaded or seeking sensory stimulation. Engaging children in ‘heavy work’ activities can be a great way to channel this energy and calm the mind by giving children a sense […]

Love the outdoors – 6 play ideas for outdoor classroom day

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global initiative that promotes outdoor learning and love for the natural world. Children are spending more time indoors compared to previous generations, and academic learning is often prioritised over free play outside. Each year there are two dedicated outdoor classroom days. The next is on the 5th of November 2020, […]

Inspiring Environmental Sustainability – NSW SPROuts Awards Pt 1

When we think about early learning for environmental sustainability the first things that come to mind for many are improving recycling, reducing waste and setting up a compost bin or worm farm. But there’s so much more that can be done. Since 2005 the NSW Early Childhood Environment Educators Network (ECEEN) has encouraged services taking […]

9 ways to maximise outdoor play this winter

Early childhood educators understand the importance of outdoor play: fresh air, vitamin D, gross motor development and connecting with nature. Health precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic have made outdoor play even more desirable, but getting outside in the winter months can be challenging. Children benefit from being outdoors in all but the most extreme weather […]

Respectful Water Play

There are many benefits to introducing water play both in connecting children to a natural element and opportunities for learning. While some regions have recently experienced flooding and may have replenished their water tanks, we mustn’t forget that much of Australia is still in drought. The ongoing drought and water restrictions mean that early childhood […]

One Day Closer to Rain – New book helps children to understand the impact of drought

How do we teach the children of Australia about the realities of drought and the importance of water, while still being optimistic? Rural woman, mother and artist Amy Naef wanted children who were affected by drought to have something that was matter of fact but hopeful, and for children, families and educators to increase their […]

Exciting Recycling and other Rs PART 2 – children engage Qantas CEO to reduce waste

What do plastic lids, bees wax and Qantas CEO Alan Joyce have in common? They were all involved in exciting waste reduction initiatives driven by young children and their educators. Last week was Recycling Week and we profiled the first of a number of services who have embraced environmental protection with projects that have engaged […]

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