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Open plan or open slather_

Open plan or open slather? Part One

Any parent or educator knows that the more children you have in a room the noisier, at times, it will be and the harder it is to keep track of individual children. Despite keeping to ratios, or even staffing above ratios, how reasonable is it to expect educators and children in a room of 70 human beings to build close and supportive relationships?

Cash economy nannies lose out

Many Australian early childhood and OSHC educators have spent time as nannies, many others consider it as an alternative to centre-based employment. Frequently nannies work on a cash in hand basis, or they get an ABN and work as a contractor.  Both options mean families are not paying tax or contributing to the nanny’s superannuation. […]

We still love our NQF (but the burden remains)

Burden vs benefit The national authority’s Annual Performance Report shows more than 95% of the sector still backs the National Quality Framework, but the proportion of services which have a heavy sense of regulatory burden has barely changed. While 17% found regulatory requirements ‘very burdensome’ in 2013, in the 2017 survey 15% still selected the […]

Belittlement isn't what we teach children

‘How do we rebound from this?’ Life in the regulatory naughty corner

Recently we shared information about how the publication of enforcement actions – based on the public’s right to know about major compliance breaches and prosecutions – can differ from state to state. While Section 270 of the National Regulation says each regulatory authority may publish information, not all choose to do so. Currently the ACT […]

Publishing enforcement actions- Around Australia snapshot

Compliance breaches and the public right to know

As the fifth year of the National Quality Framework draws to a close, it’s reasonable to expect most of the big differences between states and territories are gone or on their way out soon, right? Getting closer There’s no doubt we are getting closer to national consistency with the most recent tranche of reforms, but […]

Preschooler with scissors

QKFS in the spotlight

In 2010, the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) was introduced. The aim was to ensure the cost of kindergarten is not a barrier to access for families. Other subsidy or base funding schemes exist in other Australian jurisdictions, either in direct response to the Universal Access national partnership agreement or a preceding policy. The QKFS subsidy has […]

NSW abolishes conscientious beliefs as vaccination exemption

NSW abolishes conscientious belief as a vaccination exemption: Shortside update

NSW Parliament today (14 September 2017) passed legislation amending the Public Health Act to remove parents’ conscientious beliefs as grounds for exempting children from mandatory vaccination requirements when enrolling in early learning services, including preschools. We have received the below advice from NSW Health. Please check their website for the additional information they refer to […]

Transition to school SA

Transition to school series – South Australia

Our Around Australia series looks at the topic of children’s transitions to school – examining the hot issues in each jurisdiction and looking at ways we can learn from each other. Having explored NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, our focus shifts this week to South Australia, where Reception is the first year of school and kindergarten […]

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