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A tale of two national appointments: Michele and Carla

Michele Carnegie to lead CELA’s national sector development Michele Carnegie joins CELA at the end of July in the position in executive leadership for sector development. As one of our first senior appointments since the launch of CELA, Michele will be responsible for learning and development,  sector alliances and government relations. Michele has a Bachelor […]

Government releases national fact sheet on new Child Care IT system

As we were preparing the Amplify newsletter for distribution today, the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training issued the below information on the new Integrated Child Care IT System (ICCITS). The ‘integration’ will include combining the role of CCMS, and other related IT connections in one system. If you’re a member of CELA and received our […]

National vacancy survey update: a children’s service on every corner

Last week we released the National Occupancy Survey, and two thirds of responding services reported more vacancies in some or all age groups than 2015. If you’re one of the several thousand people who read the report, you might recall this quote, extracted from the survey and highlighting a previously unheard of problem: oversupply of […]

Are we spoilt by choice? When vacancies rise, quality suffers

These developers need to slow down or they will destroy many child care services including their own. Melissa, long day care, Queensland   SUMMARY The aim of our recent National Occupancy Survey, Counting Places, was to test the concern shared with Community Early Learning Australia by many of its members that there were increasingly too […]

Belonging to the wider world: excursions by bus and train to the city and more

Going further, being connected Once you have a good established local excursion culture it is easier to go further into the community. These excursions are more complex as they involve transport by bus and therefore are planned well in advance, rather than our spontaneous walking excursions.  The philosophy behind the excursions remains the same, however: […]

Sneak peek: highlights from the National Occupancy Survey

Our National Occupancy Survey, Counting Places, confirmed that the oversupply of places for children in some areas is real and having a negative effect on quality. The ‘free market’ approach to approving new services anywhere, regardless of need, is supposed to lower fees for families but our respondents say the reality is often the opposite. More places […]

Who wants to come to the post office? How to make spontaneous outings a reality in your service.

Getting out into your local community We know as early childhood professionals that children learn in a range of environments and in different ways. Children should regularly experience opportunities to go ‘outside the gate’. Community engagement aligns nicely with the benefits of excursions for children also. As a team we have agreed upon the main […]

Let's get out of here! A story for everyone who's ever wanted to take children beyond the safety gate.

Su Garrett and Lauren Kenny of the Annandale Explore & Develop service in Sydney’s Inner West take their organisation’s name seriously: both regular and spontaneous outings and excursions away from the service are a key element of their educational program. They frequently take walking trips to the shops, to the local park, or plan transport to other Sydney sights […]

Can't make it to a Jobs For Families presentation? Here are the slides.

  With only a limited number of presentation dates, the Jobs for Families information sessions are out of reach for many educators and providers.  To make it as easy as possible for you to catch up, We’ve put together a slideshow for you from the official JFF presentation, and combined it with notes from our two […]

Amplify national occupancy survey

More warning signs of oversupply? Complete our occupancy survey

G8 Education is the corporate ECEC provider fingers often point to when discussing oversupply of early learning places in many parts of Australia. .  Today its CEO and founder Chris Scott is expected to step down following a shareholders’ meeting where the group’s falling share price and recent loss of a China-based debt bail out […]

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