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COVID-19 key ECEC information

It is important that all services are aware of current advice and updates regarding the COVID-19 virus. The amount of information and misinformation circulating can be incredibly overwhelming. Information is changing rapidly and the best way to stay up to date is to refer to reliable websites as a source of truth. CELA is committed […]

CELA’s Simple Guide to bushfire advice for children’s services

Temperatures have been rocketing past 40C in many parts of Australia since Christmas, and while we are yet to hear ‘the state is a tinderbox’ media cliche, hot dry days are a reminder to review and update your service’s fire management plan for both internal and external fire threats. CELA writer Cath Fowler compiled this […]

To whom it may concern, an open letter from Joana Abrantes

Earlier this month we ran a story from Kylie Dorrian, ECT and lecturer at an RTO, raising concerns that new requirements for overseas student visas could further weaken the supply of qualified educators to Australian services.  Kylie pointed out benefits of quality OS candidates, such as their commitment to the profession, their maturity and the fact they have […]

Australia's services rely on international students

Our sector relies on international students, says Kylie Dorrian

The National Quality Framework set in place a higher expectation of professional teaching in children’s services, enacted largely by raising the qualification levels required for staff. From the earliest days, however, it’s been obvious that demand for qualified staff would outstrip supply.  Low salary levels and longer hours than primary school equivalents drive many degree […]

Publishing enforcement actions- Around Australia snapshot

Compliance breaches and the public right to know

As the fifth year of the National Quality Framework draws to a close, it’s reasonable to expect most of the big differences between states and territories are gone or on their way out soon, right? Getting closer There’s no doubt we are getting closer to national consistency with the most recent tranche of reforms, but […]

Chloe Chant V The Senator

Chloe Chant: the right to speak out

Chloe Chant may be Australia’s best known grassroots advocate for early childhood education, and it wasn’t even on purpose. Cast your mind back to January this year.  Silly season, as they call it in news rooms, and the perfect time for a minority politician like Senator David Leyonhjelm to get a moment in the spotlight. […]

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