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How to find help when supporting children and families experiencing trauma

Working in early education and care is an incredibly rewarding job, but the role can come with numerous challenges. This is especially true for educators in charge of children presenting with trauma, self-regulation and behavioural issues, or from challenging home environments. At times it can feel like you’ve tried everything you know of to try to […]

How we can put children first in early education and care

National Child Protection Week runs from September 6-12. This year, event host National Association for Prevention of Child abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) celebrates 30 years of National Child Protection Week with the theme ‘Putting children first’. Early childhood consultant and child advocate Nicole Talarico shares how we can embrace putting children first, and what we […]

Fun ways to take preschoolers into space

Each year in April, we celebrate the international day of human space flight. During a time when young children may feel that their worlds have become much smaller, it could be helpful to remind them that they’re part of something so much bigger. Learning about space is about venturing into the unknown, promoting creative thinking, […]

Remote teaching – how early educators in China and Italy are engaging with families

In some countries, early childhood education and care services have been closed for months. Many educators are running amazing remote learning sessions that are keeping children connected and giving isolated families hope, inspiration and a purpose to their day. In this week’s Amplify! We find out what it’s like teaching remotely in China and Italy, […]

Amplifying reaching out to weather impacted communities and a curated list of helpful resources

Our nation has recently been exposed to catastrophic fire, drought, dust storms and hail the size of golf balls. These extreme weather conditions have impacted greatly on the health and wellbeing of many of our members, their local communities and the wider population. It’s important that you know that the CELA team is here to […]

Embedding Healthy Eating and Physical Activity into your service

By Amy Pratten, Lara Hernandez and Paul Gordon – Munch & Move State Team NSW Office of Preventive Health National Children’s Week, celebrated each year in October, provides us with a reminder to celebrate the rights of children. This year we focus on the fundamental right of young Australians to good health. We all want […]

Encouraging kindness in young children – Amplify celebrates World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day occurs each year on November 13. Kindness may be seen as a kind of old-fashioned virtue, but in a world where bullying and mental health issues abound, it’s more relevant than ever. It doesn’t matter what age you are, an act of kindness can put a rainbow splash on the dullest of […]

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