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Exploring chemistry with children, plus a mother’s day treat

By Hayley Bates, House Certifications Coordinator at Little Scientists Chemistry. The word may remind us of school or if we are lucky, love! But is it accessible to children? Should we, could we, or even… must we, touch upon chemistry with children? Chemistry is part of life. The opportunities to explore chemistry with children pop […]

Respectful Water Play

There are many benefits to introducing water play both in connecting children to a natural element and opportunities for learning. While some regions have recently experienced flooding and may have replenished their water tanks, we mustn’t forget that much of Australia is still in drought. The ongoing drought and water restrictions mean that early childhood […]

Caring for colleagues – what are our obligations?

Being a great colleague is about much more than signing each other’s birthday cards, sharing content from professional development and having each other’s backs to cover shifts —as early childhood professionals there are a range of professional and legal obligations we have to each other. Our employers also have obligations to protect our welfare. Here’s […]

Busting parent stereotypes – how to look beyond the helicopter, lawnmower and tiger parent

The Dictionary of Psychology (1999) defines stereotyping as an ‘over-generalised’ belief that people from a certain group will behave in a certain way. Our brains nurture stereotypes because they help us to rapidly respond to other people.  It’s a form of prediction: a temptation to think we can see a little into the future by […]

Amplifying reaching out to weather impacted communities and a curated list of helpful resources

Our nation has recently been exposed to catastrophic fire, drought, dust storms and hail the size of golf balls. These extreme weather conditions have impacted greatly on the health and wellbeing of many of our members, their local communities and the wider population. It’s important that you know that the CELA team is here to […]

Understanding and responding to trauma following a natural disaster

The beginning of 2020 has brought much devastation across Australia. CELA CEO Michele Carnegie has seen first-hand the impact of widespread loss throughout communities on the south coast of NSW and heard stories of fear, near misses, courage and humanity. “The fires have been fought by communities and it will be the strength of communities […]

One Day Closer to Rain – New book helps children to understand the impact of drought

How do we teach the children of Australia about the realities of drought and the importance of water, while still being optimistic? Rural woman, mother and artist Amy Naef wanted children who were affected by drought to have something that was matter of fact but hopeful, and for children, families and educators to increase their […]

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