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There’s a twist in this tale of open minds and specialised pedagogy: Doreen Blyth returns with a ripper of a yarn that happens to be true

Two weeks ago our guest writer Doreen Blyth ‘broke the internet’ with her reflection on whether Outside School Hours Care was treated as the middle child of the education and care sector.  Today she returns with another reflection, this time keeping her story’s twist to the very end.

Amplify provocation teaching

Does 'intentional teaching' discourage actual teaching? Jennifer's next provocation

“Do terms such as intentional teaching and child-led learning actually take away educators’ confidence to teach?” In my last post for Amplify!, I talked about the perception of early childhood and care (ECEC) in the government and public eye.  This also gets me thinking about whether perception plays a role in how teaching and education practices are undertaken in […]

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