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Focus on first five

Five first five videos

First five Back when the National Quality Framework was new and the world was young, there was a buzz in government and sector circles around one particular project being developed to help parents understand why quality education and care mattered so much to Australia’s children.  It went by various names over a two or three […]

Making observations more meaningful with video

Sarah Riddell, early childhood teacher and blogger, returns to Amplify with this consideration of technology in documentation. While some in the sector remain vexed about the use of image captures for documenting children’s learning stories, Sarah takes a strongly practical approach and examines how educators could make technology work harder for them. With most of […]

Westgarth bush kinder

Lighting a fire. The risk at play debate

As autumn weather arrives, many ECE and OSHC services will be looking to head outdoors to take advantage of the not-too-hot, not-too-cold season. How they approach the outdoors, however, is another question. Risk during play in early childhood services is a balance between keeping children as as safe as necessary rather than possible. Westgarth Kindergarten […]

OSHC takes a stand against bullying

OSHC takes a stand against bullying #NDA2018

Not only have the OSHC educators prepared and delivered lessons to the children, but this video documents the learning experience and shows that even the simplest equipment can yield a great result that supports children’s participation and educators’ professional development. Watch the video and scroll down to read more.

Poppies on Armistice Day

Talking to young children about Remembrance Day

This Saturday is Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day. While few children’s services will be open, many children will have seen poppy badges being sold on street corners, or be aware of older siblings participating in commemoration ceremonies at school on Friday. They may wonder, on the weekend, why adults around them suddenly go […]

Chloe Chant V The Senator

Chloe Chant: the right to speak out

Chloe Chant may be Australia’s best known grassroots advocate for early childhood education, and it wasn’t even on purpose. Cast your mind back to January this year.  Silly season, as they call it in news rooms, and the perfect time for a minority politician like Senator David Leyonhjelm to get a moment in the spotlight. […]

Goodstart first five video brain

First Five Video Series

This short and beautifully powerful video is the first of a series of new evidence based resources Goodstart is developing and releasing on its First Five Youtube channel for sharing by anyone wanting to advocate for the importance of children’s early years. Today Goodstart Campaign Manager Wendy George told Amplify: This project will help address […]

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