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Community Early Learning Australia is the peak body for Australia’s early and middle childhood education sector, supporting small and medium sized providers to deliver quality education and care. Created by Community Child Care Co-operative and built on a 40 year tradition, CELA (see-LA) is a future fit organisation on a mission to amplify early learning’s value throughout Australia. We are famous for the quality of our communication to the sector, which informs, influences and inspires.


See below for Rattler and Amplify advertising rates and details.



  • In its 31st year of print for a respected 40 year old organisation, Rattler is the trusted voice for the early and middle childhood education and care sector
  • Packed with original feature stories, wellbeing and gardening advice, sector research and member profiles
  • Read by around 16,000 CELA members, regulatory authorities, policy makers, training institutions, libraries and other key stakeholders around Australia
  • Members include all types of services – long day care, preschools, family day care, and out of school
    hours care
  • Delivered digitally three times per calendar year, with one printed annual edition delivered at the end of the year
  • 40 page full colour magazine with a loyal and growing audience of decision makers and purchasers.


We love to help our partners reach their (and our) audience of early childhood & OSHC educators and stakeholders, through print and online advertising, partner content and sponsorship. We can help you reach a wide and active market through our trusted communications: Rattler, Amplify, and CELA events.


We offer a range of advertising options to suit everyone from micro-business through to national organisations, reaching educators, administrators, co-ordinators, cooks and directors as well as regulatory authorities, unions and political offices from a spot in our weekly digital newsletter, Amplify!, listing in Marketplace, to one off or regular page placements in Rattler Magazine.


To discuss your overall requirements, please contact us on 1800 157 818 or email


Download the media kit pdf below for ad rates, deadlines, specifications and terms & conditions

Digital specifications:


  • Please supply high resolution PDF files as artwork.
  • Please ensure all advertisements are in CMYK (not RGB) and images are 300 dpi in resolution.
  • All transparencies and layers should be flattened.
  • Fonts should be embedded.
  • All advertisements must include bleed and full page advertisements should also include trim marks.
  • Please email artwork to: or supply via Dropbox

Supplied artwork must be PDF, CMYK and include bleed. All prices excluding GST.

Artwork can be supplied via Dropbox



To enquire email



  • Launched in April 2017, CELA’s blog Amplify and its weekly summary newsletter have rapidly become the go-to source for discussion about the early and middle year’s education sector.
  • Read by an estimated 30,000 early childhood centres, educators, and related businesses, with 1,500 views daily and growing.
  • Amplify was delivered 210,000 times and distributed to 18,000 people in its first 3 months with a tiny 0.17% unsubscribe rate.
  • Widely shared on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Pinterest.

“I am so inspired by stories such as ‘Storytelling in the natural world’, the Goodstart video on
Brain development,storytelling tips and Bec Carey and Sarah Hammersley and their philosophy.
I have been motivated to perceive things in a different way and to implement and share
what I have learnt from them.”

Susan, Amplify reader survey


“I find this gives a voice to many of my questions and concerns with regard to early
childhood education and the pathways that it should be taking from research and experience.”

Shivani, Amplify reader survey



Advertisements in the newsletter are either ‘header’, ‘strip block’ or ‘square block’.  They may contain a link directly to your website and a live email address for instant contact from prospects. Header bookings appear below the masthead, strip and square blocks appear below the editorial content.


All advertisements on the Amplify newsletter will be marked ‘sponsor content’ and we recommend advertisers include direct reference to Amplify readers in their artwork (eg, offer a discount code AMPLIFY2019) to help you track conversions and appear more connected with our readers.


Bookings require a minimum of one week’s notice ahead of the Amplify newsletter deadline, which is Friday, 12pm – each week (Thursday if the Friday is a Public Holiday). Payment must be received before placement can be confirmed (see terms and conditions).


Amplify’s newsletter is published every Monday except over the Christmas holidays


Strip block


125 x 500 pixels,$100

Square block


500 x 500 pixels,$150
Header block

(horizontal) below masthead

125 x 500 pixels,$500

Discounts available for blocks of four or eight consecutive weekly bookings.

Artwork must be provided as JPG or PNG at applicable pixel size (include link and/or email address to be embedded). Please contact us for a quote if you require artwork completed for your e-newsletter artwork (typically $100 +gst).

Artwork can be supplied via Dropbox





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Rattler and Amplify! media kit:


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