Diploma Educator


  • Respect and provide support and inclusion for all children, regardless of gender, cultural background or socioeconomic status.
  • Act as a positive role model, demonstrating appropriate behaviour and language.
  • Provide adequate supervision for the children, and work towards supporting colleagues in achieving the same. No staff member should be performing another task whilst supervising the children
  • Be a passionate educator and strive to achieve ‘Service’ goals (as outlined in Policy Manual) and ensure our ‘Service’ philosophy is reflected in daily practice.
  • Assist in the collection, recording and evaluation of children’s records and observations, as required by the Department of Education and Communities and the National Quality Standard.
  • Communicate with the children in an open, honest manner and ensure that the child’s perspective is regarded as unique and special.
  • Be familiar with the Early Years Learning Framework and utilise it to inspire independent learners.


  • Degree in Early Childhood from a recognised University, or;
  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (or previous equivalent) [3 years’ experience]
  • Current Senior First Aid certificate
  • Acceptance from Working with Children Check
  • Approved anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management training

Salary: Negotiable 75K ++ subject to the level of qualifications & years of ECEC experience

By CELA 9 Aug, 2022

Should we be teaching gratitude to the under fives?

Research tells us that gratitude promotes well-being and life satisfaction, but is the practice of gratitude appropriate for very young children?  

To find out more, we speak to gratitude advocates and CELA members Kathy Phipps (Director of Narooma Preschool) and Ying Bean (Director of The Ridge Preschool and Childcare Centre). 

By Deborah Hoger 29 Jul, 2022

Celebrating Children's Day 2022: My Dreaming, My Future

Every year on 4 August, Australia celebrates National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day (Children's Day). This is a national day dedicated to celebrating First Nations children and recognising the importance that culture, family and community play in the life of every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child. 

Deborah Hoger, a proud Dunghutti woman and early years Indigenous educational resources specialist, shares what this year's theme means, and why every service should celebrate this day.  

By CELA 26 Jul, 2022

What does universal pre-kindergarten look like in Ontario, and has it been a success?

In June, the New South Wales Government announced landmark funding of $5.8 billion over ten years to deliver one year of play-based early learning in the year before school.  

We recently interviewed Minister Sarah Mitchell about the initiative. She explained that she had visited Ontario, Canada, a few years ago to learn how similar reforms were implemented. "There are a lot of similarities between that part of the world and NSW, in terms of geographical spread and Indigenous population," Minister Mitchell told us, noting that Ontario offered a good comparison. 

We explore what universal pre-kindergarten looks like in Ontario, including the challenges and successes for children and the workforce.  

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