Inclusion Support Educator

·      Not-for-profit long day care centre in Lane Cove North

·      4 days a week, 6hrs per day

·      Must be available to work for 1 year


We are looking for an inclusion support staff member to support our preschool room. At the moment, we are applying for long-term funding to hire an extra staff member to support a child with challenging behaviour. You will be helping the preschool team to integrate and assist this child to follow the routine and participate in the activities along with other children.

Experience working with children is highly preferred. However, you are not required to be Cert III or Diploma trained to apply for this position as you will support this team of educators. You are expected to be proactive, patient, and a team player in a busy preschool room environment.

You will be required to work 4 days per week, 5h a day. This vacancy suits a parent or someone looking for flexible hours.

You are expected to start mid-December and continue to support the preschool room next year. Do not apply if you are not available to commit to support the preschool for 1 year as the service will be under a funding arrangement. 


By CELA 3 Feb, 2023

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By CELA 26 Jan, 2023

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You don’t need to be Beyonce to include singing as part of your program. Whether you are a confident singer or otherwise, the tunes you sing could be having a much bigger impact on the children than you realise. Warm up your vocal cords as we explore the benefits of singing in an early childhood setting. 

By Deborah Hoger 15 Dec, 2022

What it means to be visibly culturally capable

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