Infant Specialist

We are looking to connect with a qualified, experienced and passionate Infant Specialist whose teaching philosophy & values aligns with those of our service.

Perhaps this could be you or someone amazing that you know?

With over 80% of a child’s brain developing in the early years, there is simply no other job quite as important as being an Early Childhood Teacher/Educator and we believe it is our role as a service to ensure we offer children experienced Educators & Teachers as well as engaging environments & experiences that will nurture, engage, challenge and support their individual developmental growth and wellbeing.

Our Infant Specialist will possess the following skills, knowledge & personality traits…

  • They will have a warm, welcoming presence that makes every child feel seen, heard and valued. 
  • They will have an open mind, the ability to collaborate with other professionals and be committed to being a co-learner alongside their team and the children they educate & care for.
  • They will have open arms, providing countless nurturing hugs, kind words and consistent caring listening ears. 
  • They will be able to actively engage in play, holistically, with daily opportunities to relive their childhood all over again…
  • They will be innovative and design learning spaces that engage the natural curiosity of children (and educators!)
  • Whilst the ability to sing in tune is not a necessity, the ability to sing in or out of tune in front of a crowd of little people on a daily basis is essential. 
  • They will enjoy immersing themselves in creative arts, with the ability to allow the input and contribution of many little people, sometimes all at once! 
  • They will have the ability to see the value of play and be skilled in curriculum design and evolution to engage, support, challenge and extend children in further developing life skills & knowledge.
  • They will have an understanding of, and see the benefits in implementing Circle of Security and Mehrit Self-Reg approach (or desire to learn more about it!).
  • They will value their role in early childhood and see their profession as much more than ‘Childcare’ 
  • They will, of course, have a sound understanding of the National Quality Framework 


  • Family-owned + operated by Early Childhood Professional with over 20 years within the Early Childhood Sector.
  • Experienced, Qualified Team of Early Childhood Professionals to collaborate with
  • Exceptional Ratios!! - Extra staff member in every learning environment 
  • Professional development & career growth opportunities.
  • Holistic Learning Curriculum & Natural Resources 
  • Focus on Environmental Awareness + Sustainability 
  • Beyond the Gate Curriculum 
  • On-site Parking
  • Education & Care Staff Discount
  • Fitness Discounts Available 
  • Our service closes for 2 weeks over Christmas & New Year to allow staff to relax & refresh before the year ahead!

Find a service that values you & your profession!

* The successful applicant must hold an ACECQA recognised Early Childhood Qualification

Amplify! Blog

By Deborah Hoger 21 Jan, 2022

How incorporating Indigenous place names can strengthen community connections and promote reconciliation

Towards the end of 2021, it was announcd that the world's largest sand island is returning to its First Nations name; Fraser Island will now be known as K'gari. The local Butchulla people and indeed many Australians across the country celebrated this significant name-change, which sees Fraser Island renamed to a word meaning ‘paradise’ in the Butchulla language. Local people had been campaigning for this name change for many years.

Regular CELA writer and Indigenous early education resource specialist Deborah Hoger shares why using Indigenous place names can help reconciliation and healing, and how you can initiate this in an ECEC setting. 

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