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To operate an early education and care service in NSW you’ll need to apply for provider approval and service approval. This includes: Family Day Care, Long Day Care, Out of School Hours Care and Preschools.


CELA is the go to organisation for all of your Approved Provider needs. We have a range of services, which includes a one-day group training course designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to understand your obligations as an Approved Provider. We also offer consultancy services, providing a more customised approach at a time and location that suits you.


Find out more about becoming an Approved Provider via the NSW Department of Education website.

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As the peak body for Australia’s early and middle childhood education sector, we can support you during the provider approval process
and beyond with CELA membership, resources, publications, professional learning and mentoring.


Our professional learning, resources and publications are driven by the needs of our 2000 strong members, including centre based & mobile services, long day care, preschool, family day care, OOSH and occasional care. Content is based on sound knowledge of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and designed to be directly applicable to everyday service delivery and management.


Based on extensive sector knowledge, delivered by highly experienced specialists, our range of products and services are designed to meet the operational needs of providers across all service types. Multi-mode delivery enables professional learning to be delivered either face-to-face or by webinar, across Australia. Mentoring and support services can be offered in person, on the phone or by video conference.


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Training opportunities, publications and resources

Becoming an Approved Provider


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This course has been created to specifically support those wanting to become new Approved Providers of early childhood education and care.

Part 1 – Why does the National Quality Framework Exist

What are the components that make up the National Quality Framework? An overview of where the law and regulations, National Quality Standards, Quality Improvement Plans and Learning Frameworks (EYLF and MTOP), fit within the National Quality Framework.

Who’s who in the National Quality Framework? What’s the role of the Approved Provider within the NQF? Identification of other roles and responsibilities within the NQF including, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader. Understand the process of Assessment and Rating. Identify and discuss the function of ACECQA including the National Quality Area IT System (NQAITS) and NSW Regulatory Authority.


Part 2 – The National Law and Regulations

Understanding the role of the Approved Provider and service structure to ensure compliance.

  • Understanding operational requirements identified in the NQF and how the service ensures compliance.
  • Documentation to support service compliance.
  • When and how to submit relevant forms through the NQAITS.
  • Identify key NQF laws and regulations, through the use of the CELA Compliance Tool, to support learning and build capacity in identifying gaps in service compliance.
  • Practice a range of scenarios to understand how to manage and support potential compliance breaches.

This section will also cover: Conditions of Approval; Making Changes and Keeping Your Approval; Responsibilities of and Approved Provider; Offences under the Law and Regulations; Enforcement and Compliance; Documentation and Policies.


Part 3 – The Quality Assurance Process

Identify the National Quality Standard, the use of Quality Improvement Plans (QIP’s) and understand the process of the Rating and Assessment process.


Part 4 – Keeping on Track

Maintaining awareness of responsibilities under the law and regulations, systems of communication with the Nominated Supervisor, and systems to maintain communication and compliance.


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Our publications


Thinking and Learning about Leadership


This Research Monograph brings together the latest work of 20 researchers focusing on early childhood leadership matters in 3 countries. This publication represents a unique approach to enhancing practice, pedagogy and policy in the sector and aims to inform, inspire and influence current thinking and learning about early education leadership.

Essential Guide to Early Learning Service Management in NSW/Australia

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The Essential Guide is widely recognised as an invaluable resource for managing an early education and care service in NSW/Australia. Topics include: Responsibilities of the Director; Service Types, Funding Structures and NQF; NQS and the importance of quality; Budgeting, Resources, Tax, Super, Government Payments, Insurance and Marketing; Staffing, Recruitment, Retention, Performance Management, Professional Development; Laws and Compliance; Planning and Policy – philosophy, policies, strategic plans, QIP; Health and Safety; Tackling Challenges – customer complaints and critical incidents; Action, Advocacy and Activism; Leadership; Acronyms, Sample Forms and Essential Documents.


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Our supported resources


CELA’s resources are supported by the extensive knowledge of our team of specialists who are available to answer queries relating to resource content, through group or customised training, consultancy, phone and video conference.

As a CELA member you can access a whole range of Simple Guides, Sample Policies and other member-only resources. Our member benefits also include discounts on training, publications and consultancy. Information on membership packages can be found here.


For example:



Our wide range of sample policies ensure services meet the NQS. They provide the foundations from which services adapt and customise to meet their own situation. Services are provided with a guide to support the collaborative process of policy development and are able to engage a CELA specialist to provide expert opinion.



Team Resource Kit

The Team Resource Kit consists of a range of fact sheets, to develop and assist educators in leading discussions and practices within a service. The various provocations are designed to inspire educators to reflect as a group in order to improve and diversify current practices. Topics include: Connecting with Families; Engaging with Your QIP; Establishing Positive Relationships; Goal Setting; Marketing Your Education and Care Service; NQF Reflection Tool; Reflection for Staff Meetings; Running a Staff Meeting; Speaking about Practices; and Time Management.



Simple Guide to Being an Approved Provider

This resource simplifies what a Nominated Supervisor needs to know about the National Quality Framework, the Education and Care Service National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.



Starting From Scratch Toolkit

This comprehensive compilation of highly informative fact sheets are designed to support the process of starting an education and care service. Each fact sheet identifies key concepts and requirements for consideration and further investigation. Example of the topics included: The Regulatory Environment; NQS; Government Websites; Funding; Building Design and Environmental Requirements; location considerations.



Wellbeing Toolkit

This wellbeing toolkit offers directors an introduction to the growing scientific base on psychological wellbeing, namely Positive Psychology. This includes evidence-based strategies on how to best support your wellbeing and that of your staff, as a way to ensure your communities flourish.



Marketing Toolkit

This kit is divided into two parts. The first part helps guide you through the information you’ll need to prepare an overarching marketing plan and write the framework. The second part guides through strategies and tactics that put the plan into action.

Membership with CELA


Our membership packages offer support and resources to new providers and beyond, with access to resources, publications, events and expert phone support – all at discounted rates.


We’re your voice for advocacy and a vital channel for training and information, delivering up-to-the minute breaking news, updates and analysis on regulations, policies and general running of successful ECE services, plus professional development, consultancy and management support.


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Mentoring & Phone Support

Our CELA early education specialists provide effective support across all service types. Service owners, managers and educators have consistently identified that their skills and practice have been improved by intensive mentoring and phone support.

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