Recommended resources: May/June 2024

Curated by CELA's Aboriginal Cultural Advisor Lisa Walker

Truth Telling - ANTAR


Learn about the Makarrata Commission called for in the Uluru Statement, the many community-driven truth-telling processes that have been underway for years, as well as the importance not just of being told the truth, but of being able to truly listen.


Disruption is not a dirty word - Amy Thunig via TEDx


Amy Thunig emphasises the importance of embracing disruption as a catalyst for positive change and social justice, urging us to reconsider our perceptions and value the transformative power of disruption


Kinship module - University of Sydney

Free training

This online learning module covers the systems of social organisation that traditionally govern Aboriginal societies and explains this significant cultural difference.


Key dates

Featured CELA articles

Now More Than Ever: Reconciliation Week 2024

Deborah Hoger, a proud Dunghutti woman and  early years Indigenous educational resources specialist, shares her thoughts on the theme, along with ideas for how educators can celebrate with children and engage their team during the week of 27 May - 3 June. 


The power of celebrating cultural heritage

We explore what UNESCO's "intangible cultural heritage" list is about, and how you can explore this concept with children.


Embedding First Nations perspectives throughout the year

The early education calendar is filled with special dates, from Clean Up Australia Day to Science Week to NAIDOC week, offering plenty of opportunities to incorporate First Nations perspectives and enhance cultural understanding. 


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Recommended training

Acknowledging and Celebrating First Nations of Australia: A Starting Point

2-part live webinar series - CELA

NESA Accredited PD

Explore how to deliver respectful experiences of Indigenous histories, cultures and languages, and who to engage with in order to embed authentic First Nations perspectives into your program. 


Bringing the EYLF V2.0 to Life: Cultural Responsiveness in Practice

Live webinar - CELA

NESA Accredited PD

This 2-hour session will focus on the updated Early Years Learning Framework V2.0 practice of cultural responsiveness and will guide early childhood educators and teachers in understanding how the changes will influence their daily practices. 


Changing Systems Through Storytelling

Live webinar - Common Ground

This free webinar is hosted by Common Ground First Nations

"Storytelling is... a proven way to shift pervasive and harmful narratives, change behaviours and mobilise people to take action. This is why changing systems has to start with storytelling. Focusing on both the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we share with others.

This is Common Ground’s first-ever webinar.


CELA member resources

Self-reflection on cultural inclusion for First Nations children

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This is a simple resource to kickstart your own individual cultural learning journey and a friendly reminder that things are not as easy for a lot of First Nations Peoples across our continent. 

Written by CELA Cultural Advisor Lisa Walker

Creating a Culturally Safe Workplace for First Nations Employees

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These guidelines will help you foster a workplace environment that truly respects and understands the First Nations cultures and practices of employees.

Written by CELA Cultural Advisor Lisa Walker

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