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By CELA 30 Apr, 2019

Parenting with a growth mindset

Mother’s Day is only a fortnight away and many educators are reflecting on how – or if – they should help children celebrate the occasion.

By CELA 30 Apr, 2019

National OSHC Survey 2019

Take the national OSHC survey for 2019 and help gather the knowledge we need to share with politicians and policy-makers.

By CELA 16 Apr, 2019

OSHC under the spotlight

With vacation care underway in many parts of Australia, and OSHC the centre of some big spending commitments at the recent NSW election, it’s timely to take a look at what’s on offer and how it might play out for educators and school communities. Amplify editor Bec Lloyd speaks to CELA CEO Michele Carnegie in the first of several OSHC/OOSH-related stories considering the future promises and current realities of before and after school care.

By CELA 8 Apr, 2019

Anzac Day in the early years

While some people may wonder if young children can understand the meaning of ANZAC Day, many early learning services feel it is important to commemorate the day each year.

We share some perspectives from early educators around how they mark the day in their service, along with a list of activities and resources. 

By CELA 8 Apr, 2019

Rabbits in early learning, a hot crossed issue

Gabrielle (Gaby) Flavin is an early childhood teacher and an animal advocate. With Easter around the corner she penned a set of articles around one of the most commonly considered ECE ‘pets’ – rabbits.

By CELA 1 Apr, 2019

Tales from a River Kindy

New Amplify guest writer Linda Tandy is a nature based educator with Inspired Family Day Care (FDC). Today Linda shares the philosophy she applies to her River Kindy, around allowing children to discover and to ‘be’, and what happens when someone says ‘I’m bored’.

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