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By CELA 28 Apr, 2020

Keeping staff and children safe during COVID-19 – Part 1

In this two-part series, we speak with services in southern Sydney and Lismore to find out what they are doing to keep staff and children safe by changing how families and staff interact, how the service is cleaned, and how staff are rostered – including accessing the JobKeeper allowance.

By CELA 28 Apr, 2020

Senior academic supports states reopening schools

Senior health education lecturer Dr Leila Morsy firmly believes that we must urgently reopen schools if we do not want to see a multigenerational chasm widen between our more advantaged children and those from families of concentrated disadvantage.

By CELA 21 Apr, 2020

Preparing teams for remote teaching

In this week’s Amplify we speak with Denise to find out how the programs differ, and how she keeps both teams inspired. We also find out how Wakool Preschool in NSW are keeping play and connectedness at the centre of their remote learning plans for Term 2

By CELA 21 Apr, 2020

Fun ways to take preschoolers into space

In this week’s Amplify!, Hayley Bates from early childhood education STEM PD providers Little Scientists shares some fun ways to teach preschoolers about space, which you can share from your lounge room to theirs!

By CELA 21 Apr, 2020

Excuse me, Miss?

Are you a Miss Jane, or a plain Janey? We live in an age where most children call their friends’ parents by their first names, and that’s usually the case for early years and OSHC educators too.

Yet it wasn’t always so. A generation or so back, ECE staff were more often Miss Jenny or Mrs Smith with a rare Mister in the mix. How did it change? And why has the same trend not applied to school teachers who are still almost universally known by title and surname?

More importantly: does it matter?

By CELA 7 Apr, 2020

Aussie educators lifting spirits

While the world faces a global challenge like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetime, we are incredibly heartened to see what Australian educators are doing to boost the spirits of children and their families across the nation. 

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