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By CELA 22 Apr, 2021

Spotlight on ratios and why under the roof is not a helpful term

We often hear the term ‘under the roof’ being used when referring to ratios in early education and care, but this term can be misleading.

In this spotlight on ratios, National Quality Framework expert Sarin Rozental helps us to understand more about how ratios should be calculated when taking a centre-based approach, and what else should be considered.

By CELA 20 Apr, 2021

Fair Work agrees to pay rises for ECTs


The Fair Work Commission has agreed that minimum pay rates for Early Childhood Teachers who are employed under the Educational Services (Teachers) Award should be adjusted.

By CELA 13 Apr, 2021

How heavy work can help preschoolers with regulation

We speak with Paediatric Occupational Therapist Claire Joyce about proprioception (sometimes referred to as our ‘6th sense’), explore benefits of heavy work activities and provide a list of simple and fun heavy work ideas you can engage children in right away.

By CELA 1 Apr, 2021

New book celebrates the world’s most fabulous festivals

A new Australian book called The Big Book of Festivals inspires people to learn more about the different ways people celebrate around the world. Amplify talks to Tasmanian authors Marita Bullock and Joan-Maree Hargreaves about the inspiration behind this new book which covers events from tomato-throwing parties to fire-walking ceremonies, crying baby competitions and the biggest bathing festival on Earth.

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