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By CELA 14 Dec, 2020

Why dinosaurs are a great tool for teaching in the early years

Dinosaurs are a popular topic for children of all ages. These incredible creatures spark children’s imagination and curiosity, and they offer endless learning opportunities.

We speak to Fiona Brell of the Australian Museum about what makes them a great teaching tool and provide 6 ideas for dinosaur play to inspire you.

By CELA 4 Dec, 2020

Educator wellbeing starts with knowing your entitlements

How many breaks should you have during your day at work? What pay rate should you be on? Do you need to stay back for meetings that are outside of rostered time and should you be paid for them?

It’s important for your mental and physical wellbeing that you know your entitlements at work and how to stand up for them.

We share how you can become familiar with the award or agreement that outlines what you’re entitled to, and where to go to ask for help if you feel like your rights are not being met.

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