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By CELA 8 Dec, 2022

How you can help to develop a vision for the future of early learning

The future of early learning is on the national agenda. This year, the new Government signalled a strong commitment to ECEC policy, with record investments at a federal level and in some states and territories. These strategies, as well as the enquiries planned for 2023, aim to deliver better outcomes for children and families across Australia. 

CELA CEO Michele Carnegie is a member of the Front Project's Apiary Fellowship, which is developing a vision for the future of early education. The Apiary Fellowship are calling for input from children across Australia: here’s how you can get involved.  

By Megan Black 7 Dec, 2022

How Futuro Childcare and Education were inspired to try an innovative leadership approach

When the management team at soon-to-be-opened Futuro Childcare & Education advertised for educators to join their new service, they didn't expect to receive so many exceptional applications. Rather than turn quality educators away during such a challenging time for recruitment, they decided to look for ways to offer great opportunities to as many applicants as possible. 

After seeing our recent Amplify! article on distributed leadership at Euroka Children's Centre, the Futuro team decided to contact Euroka's Director Lorriene Bullivant to further explore the model. Find out how the Futuro team managed to attract such a great group of educators, what they learned from the team at Euroka, and what they are planning moving forward. 

By Stephanie Seidler 1 Dec, 2022

Overcome celebration apprehension with author Stephanie Seidler

Do you sometimes struggle to know how to talk about holidays and celebrations in a mindful and inclusive manner? 

Stephanie Seidler is a New York based early educator and published author who is passionate about promoting meaningful and inclusive educational experiences for children. She has just published a book called Celebration Babies, aimed at giving early educators a simple way to talk about and share diverse holidays with young children.  

In this Amplify! article, Stephanie tells us about the inspiration behind her book and how we can embrace all celebrations in an enthusiastic way.  

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