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By Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett 22 Dec, 2023

Solving the puzzle: How to increase the supply of quality ECTs

New CELA board member and Academic Director of Early Years at UOW, Professor Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett likens constructing a high-functioning early childhood education and care system to assembling a puzzle, with one of the first pieces being a high-quality workforce.

In alignment with this vision, in early 2023, the University of Wollongong collaborated with the NSW Department of Education and ELACCA to launch a new degree aimed at strengthening this crucial workforce component. The Bachelor of Education – The Early Years (Accelerated) is a two-year program offering mentoring, online study, and work placements, specifically designed to overcome barriers for early childhood educators seeking further education. The course commences in July (find out more). 

Professor Neilsen-Hewett further explains the thinking behind this innovative degree and its effectiveness so far.

By Peta Rufo 20 Dec, 2023

Reflection: Why parachutes and disco lights replaced graduation gowns at our end of year celebration

After reading a CELA Amplify! article titled, “Preschool Graduations – who are they really for?” by Danielle Bopping, the team at Kubby House childcare centre in Cobar, NSW, decided to reflect on their traditional end of year celebrations. These celebrations involved the typical hat, gown and presentation, which the families absolutely loved.

In 2023, a reimagined celebration emerged, shaped by a fresh approach and the children's direct contribution to the planning. Centre coordinator Peta Rufo shares how the children's ideas were incorporated, and what the verdict was from children and families. 

By CELA 11 Dec, 2023

Navigating the assessment and rating process: Insights and tips

How would you feel if you received an assessment and rating (A&R) notice shortly after taking on a new role as director and right after the Christmas break? That’s what happened to director of Elizabeth Street Preschool Danielle Shepherd at the start of 2023.  

Danielle shares her experience in supporting her team for the assessment, detailing the self-assessment process and offering tips for others about to undergo A&R. You will also find tips from CELA A&R expert Kerrie Maguire at the end of the article. 

By CELA 1 Dec, 2023

Changes to food safety requirements (NSW)

Children's services in New South Wales that include meal provision as part of their activities now have an extended deadline, until December 2024, to meet the new food safety standards. These standards, outlined in Standard 3.2.2A of the Food Standards Code, initially had a compliance deadline of December 2023. This extension is a result of advocacy by CELA.

Find out what the change means for your service in our summary. 

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