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By CELA 19 Feb, 2021

Should pre-schoolers say the word bum?

The language used in children’s books, movies, and TV shows has gradually changed since the turn of the century. Words that were once taboo for a young child’s ears are now commonly heard in popular picture books like The Bum Book, Poo in the Zoo, and No-one Likes a Fart.

By CELA 5 Feb, 2021

What is the Abecedarian Approach?

The Abecedarian Approach places a priority on high-quality adult-child interactions and children’s language acquisition.

Research has shown that the approach can improve IQ and stimulate development in multiple domains. These interactions can even work to counteract the negative impact of growing up in disadvantaged circumstances.

By Stephanie Seidler 5 Feb, 2021

The school bus project: Explaining the value of process vs product

Stephanie Seidler is an experienced early educator who is passionate about promoting meaningful educational experiences for children.

She recently created a presentation to help educate teachers and parents about the benefits of process art over product art.

Stephanie has kindly agreed to let us share it with you so that you can prepare educators and families for a “craptivity”-free future.

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