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By CELA 22 Jan, 2021

How our workforce is tracking – CELA workforce survey results

A giant thank you to the CELA members* who completed our workforce survey in late 2020. Your responses provide us with a good understanding of the shape of our workforce, and the recruitment challenges our members are facing. This will help us with our advocacy in 2021, and in particular how CELA can feed into ACECQA’s National Workforce Strategy, which is currently under development and will be open for consultation in 2021.

By CELA 22 Jan, 2021

Do you have an appetite for progressive mealtimes?

Do you offer progressive meal times at your service? The idea is becoming more common in early learning environments, but some families and educators find the concept hard to digest. We look at the pros and cons of progressive mealtimes, and Pedagogical Leader Karla Wintle shares how a reflection on meal times led to the adoption of this concept in her service.

By Deborah Hoger 15 Jan, 2021

Is there a respectful way to approach Australia Day?

As we head towards another 26 January, the request to ‘change the date’ is still being hotly debated. Many early education services now choose not to celebrate a day that is a source of pain to many in our Indigenous population. However, others wonder if there’s still a way to acknowledge or approach the day respectfully, particularly when families are celebrating Australia day at home and children may be discussing it with their educators.

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