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Your #earlylearningmatters Moment

STOP. Right now. Get ready to close your eyes and, when you do, this is what we want you to picture:

I’m with the children, or just one child, and I’ve just see them make a wonderful leap in their understanding or skills.  I’m thinking: I wish everyone could share how important this moment is!

Got it? Now. Close your eyes and think hard, then grab a pen or your Notes app and write it down so you have it handy – you’ve got a job to do with that ‘moment’. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Early Learning Matters Week 2019

Early Learning Matters Week this year has moved. It will be celebrated from 1-6 September and will include National Early Childhood Educators Day on Wednesday 4 September.

Why has it moved? A core goal of the event is to increase awareness of early learning among Federal MPs and Senators by having more of them booked in to visit services. Organisers have been researching availability with these politicians and they found that the final week of the Australian Parliament’s winter recess was the best time this year that’s 1-6 September.

Double up?

Yes, it’s also Child Protection Week, but there is nothing to stop you from supporting both weeks and promoting child safety during Early Learning Matters Week. As you know, with so many important causes raising awareness through the year, it’s not possible to quarantine any one week or month for a single purpose.

The organisers of Early Learning Matters Week are also liaising with the coordinators of Child Protection Week at NAPCAN to collaborate as much as possible, which may make it easier for you to be engaged in both causes.

Get them in

With a strong focus on getting Federal MPs and Senators into early learning services this year, you’ll be pleased to know that the Week’s organisers have set up a system to connect you with the relevant politician as efficiently as possible.

Click here to Register your interest in hosting an Early Learning Matters Week visit.

Organisers have sent a Save the Date invitation to every Federal politician, asking them to mark the dates 1-6 September and encouraging them to accept an invitation to visit a local early childhood service.

Last year a similar exercise brought 68 politicians to 69 services (some visited two and some doubled up). The goal this year is to increase that number, with your help!

Get your Federal MP involved this year – no matter how busy they are

What about your ‘moment’?

Remember that beautiful moment we got you thinking of at the beginning? It’s time to share it.

The other big goal of Early Learning Matters Week this year is to share photographs of more than 100 of your favourite early learning activities, provocations or irresistible experiences, without identifying children in the photo.

That moment of yours might already be captured in a photo or video, great! Add a caption that explains what was happening, including (this is very important) the hashtag #Earlylearningmatters in the text. Post the image and your caption on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or all three.

The photo or video or artwork might show just the set up of the room or activity, or show children engaged in the moment without showing their faces. Hats are great for hiding face, or you may just show the children’s hands or feet, or take the photo from behind their heads.

E&D FrenchsForest Making Sushi 

Summing up!

Early Learning Matters Week is our collective opportunity to showcase the benefits of quality early learning to politicians in person, and to everyone via social media.

Here are the two key ways to get involved:

  • Services providing quality long day care, preschools, kindergartens, family day care or early learning programs can register here to invite a politician to visit their service  to see quality early learning in action.
  • Early childhood educators are invited to take photos (which don’t identify children) of inspiring early learning activities and provocations  and share them on social media with the hashtag #EARLYLearningMatters.
  • Download this Flyer and Poster

CELA is a sponsor of the Early Learning Everyone Benefits campaign and encourages members to join this nation-wide initiative to show how early childhood education supports the wellbeing of children, families and society.

Find out more here:

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