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By CELA 26 Jul, 2022

What does universal pre-kindergarten look like in Ontario, and has it been a success?

In June, the New South Wales Government announced landmark funding of $5.8 billion over ten years to deliver one year of play-based early learning in the year before school.  

We recently interviewed Minister Sarah Mitchell about the initiative. She explained that she had visited Ontario, Canada, a few years ago to learn how similar reforms were implemented. "There are a lot of similarities between that part of the world and NSW, in terms of geographical spread and Indigenous population," Minister Mitchell told us, noting that Ontario offered a good comparison. 

We explore what universal pre-kindergarten looks like in Ontario, including the challenges and successes for children and the workforce.  

By CELA 14 Jul, 2022

What Old Enough! teaches us about child development

Japanese reality TV show Hajimete no Otsukai (My First Errand), rebranded as Old Enough! on Netflix, depicts toddlers being sent on their first complex errand.

We explore what the show says about society’s approach to giving children responsibility, and how its themes fit within a local cultural context. 

By CELA 11 Jul, 2022

Tips for modelling respectful conversations in front of children

Conversations are key to relationships, and as children develop their language and listening skills, the communication habits of the adults around them can start to have a big influence.

To learn how to best respect the little ears that surround us on a daily basis, we spoke to Alison Donkin, Educational Leader and Early Childhood Teacher at Gymea Community Preschool in NSW.

By Meg Anastasi 1 Jul, 2022

Opinion: Is it time to re-assess our relationship with digital documentation platforms?

Early childhood settings in Australia have seen a rapid rise in the use of digital documentation tools. As services work towards reducing their environmental footprint, these digital tools can be viewed as a holistic alternative platform for parent communication, documentation of learning and general information sharing with important stakeholders. 

Educator Meg Anastasi shares her views on the pros and cons of digital platforms for documentation and how we can reassert control by putting guidelines in place.  

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