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By CELA 28 Jul, 2023

How the Uluru Statement from the Heart can inform early childhood practice

This Friday is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day, with a theme of  "Little Voices, Loud Futures", raising awareness of the bright futures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and the potential for their voices to pave a new path for our nation. 

We explore how early childhood educators can use The Uluru Statement from the Heart to inform their everyday practice and pedagogy, ensuring that First Nations children have the chance to "be proud and empowered by their culture to speak their truth and be listened to by all Australians." (SNAICC)

By CELA 24 Jul, 2023

How do you eat an echidna? Tackling education’s spiky problems with ambition

Minister for Education Jason Clare set out an ambitious reform agenda at his National Press Club speech, painting education as the great equaliser and the foundation for Australia’s economic success.

From additional university study hubs to extended funding for First Nations students, this article explores his ambitious education reform agenda, and how the proposed changes could shape our nation's future.

By Nadia Latin 21 Jul, 2023

Respecting children’s art: Nurturing creativity and autonomy

Should we be writing on children’s artwork? 

Is it appropriate to interpret and comment on a child’s work?  

Tertiary early childhood educator Nadia Latin (formerly an ECT) explores how we can respect children's art so that we nurture creativity and autonomy. 


By Jo Grimmond 16 Jul, 2023

4 engaging mathematical games you can play with children today

Research shows that numeracy learning is an even stronger predictor of life success than literacy. So, it's important that we look for ways to extend children's learning in this area. 

CELA Early Learning Manager and PhD candidate Jo Grimmond tells us how mathematics is approached in the EYLF V2.0, and shares four fun early mathematical games you can play with children today. 

By Rachel Ho 7 Jul, 2023

Reflecting on reflective practice

Critical reflection and ongoing professional learning is one of the underpinning principles of the EYLF V2.0, with critical reflection being mentioned 20 times throughout the framework.

Critical reflection can sometimes feel challenging because it involves questioning our beliefs and biases. In addition, it requires time and effort to engage in deep self-awareness and analysis.

CELA early education specialist Rachel Ho reflects on what it means to critically reflect, why it's important for professional growth, and how we can integrate it more seamlessly into everyday practice. 

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