By CELA on 20 Jun, 2018

The board of Community Early Learning Australia (CELA) is delighted to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive Officer, Michele Carnegie.

Until her appointment as CEO, Michele was the General Manager for Sector Development within CELA. In this position, she has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and its needs and has established strong relationships with key early childhood education (ECE) organisations and personnel. She has a significant contribution to make to policy development in the education and care area.

Michele has a wide-ranging background in community and not-for-profit organisations with an extensive knowledge of regional NSW. Prior to joining CELA, Michele was employed by Contact Inc. where she was integral in developing and managing a wide range of programs and reforms.

Michele is committed to continuing our advocacy for quality ECE, to engaging and working with the organisations within the ECE sector and, to supporting and continuing to meet, the diverse needs of CELA’s members.

Under Michele’s leadership, we believe that CELA will go from strength to strength and will continue to inform, influence and inspire.

CELA will continue to play its part as an active and enthusiastic participant in the life and activities of the ECE field and work towards the goal of continuing CELA’s commitment to the provision of quality early learning and care.

Wendy Lindgren

Chair of the Board.

15th June, 2018.

About CELA

Community Early Learning Australia is a not for profit organisation with a focus on amplifying the value of early learning for every child across Australia - representing our members and uniting our sector as a force for quality education and care.

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